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My 80 year old Mother was diagnosed 7 years ago. After a liver resection she did well until 2 years ago when it came back this time in the lung. She took Gemzar and tried Xeloda. Neither helped substantially and she did not tolerate the treatment well.

Last spring she made the decision to stop treatment. She grew progressively weaker and has been in bed for the last 4 weeks with no food. The pain is fairly well managed but the nausea has been really bad. She is on Phenegren and droperidol (both topical) and was started on marinol 3 days ago. The nausea continues and she is miserable.  She is so very weak and is starting to show signs that she may be nearing the end. Our concern is just to make her comfortable. Her hospice does not seem to have any other answers. Any sugestions or ideas that might help?