Hi to Lalupes,Lainy and Marions-My thanks for making me feel welcome.  I havevisited the site before but finally signed in.   

The support and good thoughts shine through all of your words.
Just to k now that one is not an isolated case in which  you feel as if sometimes , physicians do  not respond to symptoms which  you are experiencing.   Best wishes .  patt

Hi, diagnosed 3 years ago.  Had an acute pancreatitis in Nov. 2009  DRs indicated that because amylase and lipase were normal  5 days after  that  it could not be  pancreatitis.  I Had a Whipple shortly after diagnosis and have been quite well .  However I am very fatigued and recently found to have bleeding ulcers.  Of course ,a relapse or recurrence immediately come to mind.  I did not have chemo or radiation because it was considered not to have been effective for me. This is my first post and I do appreciate the input from from all of you.   Than you,  patt b