I was diagnosed with CC in April, 2009 at age 50, when a nine-centimeter tumor was removed from my liver's right lobe. Odd thing is that I was feeling completely fine when blood work showed my liver functions to be a mess. I followed the surgery with four months of chem using Gemcitobine and Cisplatin. While a scan half-way through it showed no recurrence, one in Dec. 2009 showed several more tumors in my liver and a few nodules on my lungs. I had SIRspheres at Univ. of Calif. San Francisco (where I am being treated) which was highly effective in killing the tumors it reached. Unfortunately, the intervention radiologist felt some of the tumors weren't treatable in this manner and they remain. I am know five-cycles into chemo using Xeloda and Avastin. Two recent scans show that things in my liver and abdomen are stable and that there are a few more nodules on my lungs. We suspect the nodules are cancerous, but my doctors are unconcerned about them because they are so small and can exist peacefully in my lungs. So, good news on these two new drugs' efficacy. 

It looks like this drug combo will be a lifetime thing for me, maybe with some alteration if I can go for awhile having good scans. I am encouraged but remain nervous. The side effects are manageable but I'd love them to go - soreness in my palms and the bottoms of my feet and fatigue. I get acupuncture weekly, soak in a Chinese herb brew and take some herbs orally, which I think does help. I'm also managing the hand/foot problem with highly padded shoes worn with padded gym socks, definitely a step way down in fashion for me but it enables me to walk and be fully functional in my life, and lost of creams and ointments. Anyone have any other ideas?

Has anyone heard of or tried Zadaxin? I've read about it as a drug that boost the T-cell count to enable our bodies to better fight off tumors. My doctor says its untested and not available, but others tell me there are doctors who will prescribe it.

Best of luck (and it takes a lot of that) to all reading this.