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My friend had the same symptoms you have described.  she had a whipple last May, was in the hospital for 10 days and then rested at home for about three weeks.  This has been followed by chemo and radiation.  she has now been declared cancer free.  as a matter of fact she ran a half marathon two weeks ago.  The only side effect that seems to stay with her is stomach upset after eating- she has lost a great deal of weight.  Two items to leave you with - age - she is 54, so age is on her side and she was chosen for a clinical trial which helped financially.  Good luck and from what I know, the fact that you will have whipple is a very good sign.


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wow! what grace and dignity you illustrate through your posts.  The poem is lovely.  You captured the essence of your love.

Thank you for your replies.  I see that each case is quite different.  My friend is now home, about 10 days after the whipple.  She is thrilled to be out of the hospital.  she plans to start chemo/radiation in about four weeks.  Her doctors have even talked about clinical trials.  I will let you all know what she is taking when the time comes.

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My friend is 8 days past the whipple and the surgery went well.  Hopefully she will go home from the hospital soon.  Yesterday we found out there was lymph node involvement.  The tumor was on the bile duct that was in the pancreas.  I guess we are looking at chemo and/or radiation next.  the lymph node involvement was a surprise.  The doctor called it (I think) carcinoma metasisis.  I am not sure what that is and did not want to question in front of anyone.
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Thank you all for responding.  I never realized how huge this operation is, it really is not a "procedure".  I am  sure she will try to do too much, but hopefully all will go well. She has many friends that will help as I will.


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My best friend has CC.  The tumor is near the pancreas.  Her whipple surgery will  be in about two weeks.  Fortunatly the cancer has not spread to any other areas.  since the doctors want to take an agressive approach, I assume they think they can "get" it.  she is only 52.  What can I do to make this easier for her? She thinks she will bounce right back to work.  I viewed the operation link on this site.  I think her recovery will be at least a month.