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kmwmsn, I'm sorry to hear all your husband has been through lately. I wish him the best, and prayers for success on his initial surgery on Friday.


mvb70, I haven't experienced these symptoms before. However, several years ago my neighbor was diagnosed and treated for inflammatory breast cancer. As part of her surgery, they removed most/all of her lymph nodes in her left arm area. As a result, she contacted lymphedema and had large fluid build-up in her arm. Without lymph nodes, the lymph fluid is not able to "flow" and thus the buildup of fluid.

I'm not sure about your dad's specific case, with his liver surgery and fluid build-up. I had a liver resection myself, for CC (in 2004), and they removed several of my lymph nodes. But I did not experience any type of lymphedema.

I wish the best for your dad and hope they're able to determine what he is experiencing.


Sallypa, your sister


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KMWMSM, sorry you had to find us, but we welcome you to our family. You will find lots of support here as we all share in our journey with CC. Cancer is a roller-coaster with many emotions. I think just being there for your husband is the best advice I can give, and to focus on the positive.

Knowledge was also important to me. I re-searched all the information I could find on the internet and in books, as I wanted to be as well-versed as I could when talking with my doctors and family. And in knowing what my next steps were in my journey.

The fact your husband is a candidate for surgery is huge in this battle. Mine was caught early, and I too was a candidate for surgery. I had liver resection surgery, and I am now a CC survivor of 6+ years.

My prayers are with you and please keep us posted.


Kristin, my best to you and hope you wipe out Doofus and Pipsqueek with your new treatments!



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I received a similar email as Kim mentioned. Seemed to be a "form email", but at least we are getting responses. Hopefully they will include our foundation on their web-site soon!


YAY that's great news! Thanks Kris!! smile


PLJC, just wanted to add comments from the others who posted. Welcome to the site, and agree with Lainy that "knowledge is power". I'm glad you made the decision to seek out another doctor, one who is more caring, more knowledgeable, and that you do have a care plan now!

Congratulations on your surgery. My surgery sounded some similar to yours. In May 2004, I had (1) 4.5-to-5.0 cm tumor removed with a liver resection. Also gallbladder was removed, and several lymph nodes. My margins, too, were very close, and I had follow-up chemo & radiation.

Congratulations on being a survivor! There are several longer-term survivors on this discussion board too. I am now going on 6+ years. I wish you continued success in your journey. Please keep us posted on your progress.


Cale, I welcome you to our site and truly sorry you had to find us. I was 46 when I was diagnosed with CC and it was scary for me too. Your being a candidate for surgery is huge in fighting this. The doctors caught mine early and I was able to have surgery. In 2004, I had a liver resection surgery and follow-up chemo and radiation. I am now a 6+ year survivor and basically cancer-free.

We do not know where the road of life will lead us. And know too you do not have to go through this alone, as we can share our stories and support for you on this site. My prayers for you and your family, and for a successful surgery.


sallypa, thank you and I hope the best for your sister next week when they discuss chemo & radiation. I agree with Linda, the first part in fighting this cancer is surgery, which your sister had.

Also, I had forgotten (but Linda's post reminded me), about a month out of my surgery, I had a fluid buildup inside my abdomen area, near the surgery site. It was called "seroma". At the time, they told me this was not unusual to occur. They placed a drainage bag near there, and in about 1-2 weeks the fluid all drained out.

Also, I have a blog which chronicles my entire cancer story. Beginning with surgery, and then all my checkups. In case you wanted to see it, it has more detailed info on my recovery and all.

Here's link: http://dalescancerblog.blogspot.com/

Please keep us posted on your sister. God bless.



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Great...thanks...I just submitted my voice too!!


sallypa, thank you. I hope and pray the best for your sister too. My surgery and recovery went pretty well. I


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MattyD, I had my liver resection surgery 6 years ago. Following post-surgery, they prescribed Xeloda (pill form) in addition to radiation. The thought, or plan, was the combination of Xeloda and radiation would kill off any remaining microscopic cancer if any remained. At the time, my doctors didn't mention anything about using Gemzar. I wish the best for your mother-in-law.


sallypa, that's great news about your sister coming home today. I had my liver resection over 6 years ago, and yes it is/was a large incision...about 11-12 inches. Mine did eventually heal. But even today there is still a small visible scar. But I look at it as my "victory wound" over my cancer!

Please keep us posted, and as your sister starts her chemo...one day at a time! God bless.


MattyD, that's great news about your mother-in-law's surgery. I was diagnosed with stage 2 CC, 6+ years ago. My tumor was 4.5-to-5cm. I had a liver resection, and 75% of my liver was removed. The margins were negative for any remaining cancer, but very close, just millimeters. They recommended adjuvant therapy. So following my surgery I had 6 weeks chemo and radiation. My chemo was in pill form, Xeloda.

Following my surgery, and chemo and radiation, I was tired and pretty weak. But slowly, each day, I would feel better, and knew I was progressing and getting better. I took it one day at a time.

Although we can not guarantee the cancer can/will come back, there are many success stories on this site. As I mentioned, I am now at 6+ years as a survivor, and basically "cancer free". I wish the best for your mother-in-law in her recovery and journey.



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sallypa, congratulations on your sister's successful surgery! Your sister has a recovery time for sure, but have her take it just one day at a time. I had my liver resection surgery 6+ years ago. The first several weeks were definitely the toughest. But each day I could see improvement, and knew I was getting better. Just continue to press forward, and never give up! My best to your sister in her continuing journey.


sallypa, congratulations on your sister's successful resection! Everytime we hear of a successful operation, that's great news, and a time for thanks too. My best to your sister for her recovery and continuing journey.

.... Dale


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minnie305, as others have posted here, I believe a lot has to do with the location of the tumor as well. I had a 4.5-to-5cm tumor for my CC. I had a successful liver resection surgery.

Prior to surgery, the surgeon told me that only after they first open me up, and physically saw the tumor and its location, would they be able to know if surgery was possible. That being said, the size (and location) of my tumor allowed for my surgery.

My best to your and your husband.

- Dale

Kim, my mom was put in hospice in 2005, from stage 4 cancer. She was placed in a nursing home, and the staff pretty much allowed her to eat whatever she wanted. But like Lainy mentioned about Teddy, my mom did not eat much either. And as time progressed, her appetite was less as well. The main thing the staff and hospice mentioned was for my mom to be as comfortable as possible.


Kim, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Reading your post brought back memories of my own mom, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2005. She was also put in hospice care, and we were so grateful for the care and support they offered mom and our family during that time. I'm sure it must be hard for you as well. My continued prayers for you all.



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My thoughts and prayers for Barbara and her family.


This is a wonderful post. I enjoyed reading everybody's comments. My congratulations to all the long-term survivors! I'm a 6+ year survivor of CC. I hope to make 10 years someday, and more! Yes there is always hope ... we should never give up hope!



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Theresa, I had surgery plus chemo & radiation for my CC, at MD Anderson. During that time, I had lost 25 lbs (from 145 to 120). I saw a dietician and they advised me for a diet high on protein, but also Ensure & Boost drinks. They did not specifically say to stay away from sugar.  I drank lots of milk shakes and ate ice cream and cheeses, too.

Here is a link to the NCI on weight loss during your treatments. Just scroll down to the


Minh & Maggie