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I'm very sorry for your loss. My mom died a year ago and so did my dad. Please feel free to express your self here in your grieving process. You are not alone.
Much love and strength to you.


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I wish you courage , resilience , strength , love and support. I also lost my mom to cc just over a year ago. You can be sure, that loosing your mom that quickly was one of the most difficult things you'll ever go through. And you can also be sure that although it was more challenging for you, it was definitely better for her. My mom was in chemo for over a year and then she spent 4 months in the hospital. I quite my job and slept there with her for 4 months. I cannot begin to discribe what she went through. The disease when it takes longer is crueler. it is not that way so that the ones left behind can cope. At  what expense? At the suffering of the person you care for? I got treated for post traumatic stress syndrome after having 21/2 months of terrible dreams after she passed and I am okay today. We could seek help, and get better, but nothing can change how much our mothers suffered. My father who was not ill, suddenly passed away 50 days before my mom did. I can tell you, that the shock of losing a parent suddenly, does not come close to seeing some one you love suffer slowly and for extended periods of time. I am since that time, a mother my self, and I know that the bond between mother and child is the deepest. Before she past, my mother said, 'be strong no matter what happens'.I'm so sorry for your loss. So very sorry.