Thanks to everyone for your responses and the warm welcome to the board!  I did contact Sheila Harrison and she is going to be a wonderful resource.

My dad was diagosed with CC in February of 2008 and passed away at home in September 2009.  It took me a while to make my first post, but I so appreciate this board.  I have been lurking around the board since 2008 and value all of the information that is shared here.

Please keep the updates on the VA process coming, and I will keep you posted on our progress as well.  Our initial application was submitted right after my father passed, with medical literature supporting the relationship of CC to liver flukes and a potential tie to dioxin exposure in Vietnam.  The initial application was denied, but we have now started the appeal process, as I understand initial denial is pretty standard.  According to Sheila Harrison, there are now 8 cases that have been approved as service-related.  Unfortunately, since this disease is diagnosed so late in the game, many cases are never brought to the VA.

Best of luck to everyone on the board and keep up the good fight!


Has anyone had success with their application or appeal to the VA?  We just received our initial denial, but are continuing the fight!  Any helpful tips would be appreciated.