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Pam, thank you for the update.  You are right to encourage Lauren to be as mobile as possible in between surgeries.  It will be easier on her and will help keep complications away.  My husband had to be tough on his mom after brain surgery too.  Lauren is so brave to go through all this and you are such a strong family.  I know you can do this!  Glad to hear you are taking a little time for yourself.  It is hard to do that when you are going 90 to nothing.  Again, thanks for updating us.  My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


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Pam, thank you for keeping us updated.  We are here for all of you.  I hope Lauren has a good day and is able to rest.

Pam, thinking of Lauren and your family.  Lauren will do great!  She is young, strong, and ready for this!  We will be praying for Lauren tomorrow.


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Lainy , so glad to hear you are on the road to recovery.  Amazing story.  And thanks to your daughter too.  Continue to rest and get strong!  I believe everyone will agree, you come first right now. Take care!


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Lainy,  so glad to hear you are feeling better.  Even though we have great contributors, NO one can replace you on this board!  Continue to get stronger!  Pam

Pam, so happy for Lauren and your family!  She is young and strong and will do well with these surgeries.  It is amazing to think such skilled surgeons like Dr. Sonnenday exist!   I'll be thinking of you all as plans get underway.  Please update us like you always do as things move along.  You and Lauren are special people to us!  We care so much!

Pam, so happy for you all!  So glad you got the face time with all her doctors!  Can't wait to hear what will be next as I agree Lauren has youth on her side and she can beat this!  So happy they had a wonderful time in Mexico!  Want to see pictures!


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Lainy,  you are such an angel to so many people on this board.  Your words are light and playful yet meaningful in every way.  I hope you feeling better soon!  You are the best!  We need you!

Great News, Kris!  You are one tough cookie!

Prayers sent, Lisa!

Pam, so happy to hear this news!  You all deserve happy times ahead!  Thanks for keeping us all up to date.  We care so much!  Pam

Wonderful News, Pam!  I know they have been dating for a long time!  So happy for them and your family!  Lots of happy times to come!

Lynn, thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.  You did an excellent job taking care of George.  He is at peace now.  God Bless.

So sorry, Lynn.  Take it hour by hour.  You are doing an incrediable job.  We are all thinking of you and George.

Lynn, so sorry to hear of your falls.  I have experience with this and it is tough.  Besides the bedside toilet maybe they can provide George with a rolling walker that has a seat.  Don't mean to scare you, but my dad became very confused and unpredictable.  Falling is a big concern.   Hope things stabilize.  Lots of good thoughts coming your way.  Pam M

Pam, thanks for updating us so quickly!  Been thinking of you all today!  This is awesome news and just what your family needed!  I am so proud of Lauren!  She is one strong woman!

Lauren and Pam, I checked a bit earlier and want to see good news.  So happy I looked again and u r in the good news section!  So happy for u all!  A little celebration in order?  Maybe a nice dinner out?  Hope u have a great weekend!


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Pam, thinking of Lauren and your family tomorrow.  No pain sounds like you will get good news.  Saying little prayers for you tomorrow.  Stay strong!


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Amazing, Tiffany!  So happy for you!  You are young and will do great!  Congratulations!


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Pam, I've watched your video probably 4 times!  Every time I notice something I didn't see before!  Your family life is full and rich.  I am so inspired by your attitudes!  I love the music you put with the video.  It is a beautiful tribute to Lauren!  Tell Lauren to keep fighting, winning and living life!  Pam


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Tiffany, your family picture is beautiful!

My question is how do you cut a sliver of a pill?  I think you will be eating pill dust!   Love that Lauren went with and threw you under the bus with the Ativan!  You are both incredibly strong woman and you can even make a doctor's visit seem like fun!  Good for you!  I love Lauren's hair!  It is tastefully done.  Enjoy your weekend.  Pam


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So happy for your good news! 

Dear Phil, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your boys during this sad time.  Gerry fought a brave fight and now he is at peace.  I hope you can find comfort in that soon.  Please rest and get your health back. Pam.

I am very sorry you lost your mom.  She is at peace now and not suffering.  She was a brave person and fought with dignity and grace.  Thoughts and prayers for your family.  Pam