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Rose - Blessings to you as you experience firsts without your dad. The first month, the first....my heart is with you. Susan


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I can't wait to try the cauliflower popcorn. I love cauliflower. Lainy - if you love to bake - I like almost anything baked but LOVE baklava. Susan


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I hope you heard your special songs today as a gift from Teddy.


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Aloha in the most special of ways! May you experience much aloha as your remember your precious dad. May you have many reminders of him and cherished memories to carry you through the long nights. Blessings, Susan


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I finally found something with Randy's smell on it the other day. I hugged it so close and did a LOT of deep breathing. It was so nice to smell him again. Then a couple of days later I awoke to him calling my name out loud and me answering him out loud. smile Sus

Dear CM - So sorry for the pain of your loss. You can keep David alive in your memories that you cherish so much. I was married 28 years, but knew my husband for 43 years. We were soulmates and I do feel like I'm 1/2 of what I was. I feel him with me and around me, but I would LOVE to see him and hold him again. That won't happen this side of Heaven, but I have a hope....Blessings, Susan


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Dear Aeolson - I would love to add some kind, words of wisdom, but I think Lainy covered it perfectly so I just say - follow Lainy's excellent advice. As a matter of fact, I would like someone to do some of those things for me...and I don't have CC. My husband did and I am missing him so much after 5 months. Blessings to you, your friend and her family. Susan


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Dear Devastated - I wish we could have competent doctors and they would have the proper follow up and bedside manner, but then I remember we are this side of Heaven and those things are not frequently the case. So thankful that you are a cancer survivor and a great advocate for hubby. This is such a difficult disease and roller coaster ride that is no fun at all. Hugs to you as you fight the fight. May you find joy and peace along the way. Blessings, Susan

Rose - I am so sorry for your loss, but I have come to believe that there is another whole world around us that we cannot see and every once in awhile we get a glimpse of it through the visits or reminders of our loved ones. I am so glad that the pigs came and the twinkling and the opening in the sky - you are experiencing that world that many never see as they don't have eyes to see it. Maybe we need to lose someone very special and deeply loved to be open to what else is available to us. I look upon it as God's grace extended to us to bring us comfort and joy. Blessings, Susan


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A second opinion is generally quite helpful and I wouldn't hesitate to pursue that course. Good luck!


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Stacie was wonderful to get me 100 wristbands in very short time and they came in time for my husband's services. Great thanks to Stacie!


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Dear Chrissy - As you know, you can only make the decisions one at a time and you will make the right ones when the time comes. I agree with you about quality of life. I hope you consider the second opinion option. Whatever you do, hold each other close. Blessings, Susan


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My husband also took Senna regularly. He found his pain increased if he didn't. Hope it works well for your dad. Blessings, Susan


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I hope the trip fulfills all the dreams you have had of it. May you enjoy every moment. You will be missed and welcomed back warmly. Be safe. Have fun. Be blessed. Susan


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So glad that you are feeling better. I have started to deliberately acknowledge and count my blessings on a daily basis. This is a blessing to hear. Thank you for sharing about feeling stronger and better. Blessings, Susan


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Thank you all so much. Yes, Marion, I think it would be so awesome if we could have CC sponsored walk. It would raise money for the Foundation, give people an opportunity to get together, increase awareness, provide an avenue for education, and inspire so many. I am in favor of it. Let me know how I can help.

Gavin - You would have loved the bagpipes. It was hauntingly beautiful. (My family name is MacGregor.)



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I love Teddy's visits. Did he have something about lights or electrical systems? Maybe it is just his energy continuing to light and inspire you....


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I was wondering how the concert went with Al Jarreau. So glad you had that opportunity. My prayers are with Robin, you and the kids. Love you. Sus


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Randy and I tried to keep it light...we watched Cary Grant in "Father Goose" every night for months on end. During the last week of Randy's life, he said that he was sure Cary Grant had reported us to the union for overworking him. So....we chose another movie. hahahahahaha...it was another Cary Grant.

Six months. Some days it is like a breath and other days are like a year. I am so glad that you carry him in your heart and that he visits often enough to encourage you. I know Teddy through the posts over the past year and am enriched for knowing him (even if not in person). Plus, there is the video of him singing "My Way." Love it. You and he were an awesome, inspiring couple. Hugs and kisses. Susan


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No Tower of Terror for me. So proud of you all for going and celebrating life. Your dad enriched your life so much and this was a great way to honor him.


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Laughter really is the best medicine.

Positively hysterical! Thank you. I will be having a colonoscopy in the very near future so this held particular interest for me. My favorite part is that he remembered NONE of it. I hope for the same experience of that. I would be happy to skip the MoviPrep part....


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I was so encouraged to participate in a cancer relay walk for the American Cancer Society (I wish it had been the CC Foundation), but it is an annual event through my daughter's company and this year her company walked in honor of my husband, Randy Little, as well as their own loved ones. It was so awesome to spend an entire day with community organizations walking for charity to honor cancer survivors and those who did not survive. At the end of the evening, a lone bagpiper played Amazing Grace as walkers followed him in silence to honor all those represented. It was dark and the luminarias were the only light with the haunting sounds of the bagpipe. As they walked, 641 names were read of those being remembered - my husband's name was the last one read and it was a very awesome (and sad) moment. I was struck by the courage and honor of those who have suffered and what we have learned in the process. Blessings go out to all those fighting cancer, and those that are fighting with them. Keep fighting. Keep counting your blessings. Keep making memories to be cherished.

Percy, you are among some of the most awesome people on this board. Thank you!