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Hello everybody,

Thank you for all your replies. This is an update on my father. It


I wanted to know your opinion about the alkaline water ionizers. Has anyone tried it? I am not very convinced since I've found both negative and positive reports.

Thank you,


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Hello again!

Thank you for your replies. Just an update about my dad. He is at home since August the 26th and trying to face his disease. It's not being easy for him since he's terribly pessimistic, he's even doing plans for his funeral!

He'll have his first appointment with the oncologist next Monday and he's decided to ask him about for how long he will be alive.
I told him that doctors are not Gods to know about our expiration date.
I'm trying to uplift his mood all the time as much as I can, but sometimes it's tiring. I wish he put something from his side.
I guess it must be just a matter of time until he gets used to the situation.

I've read lots of posts here and I've found a lot of useful information. I cried and I smiled with some stories too.

To all the wonderful people here, enjoy life as fullest and don't keep things for retirment (I used to say this to my father, but he never listened to me).
I guess dad will begin soon with chemotherapy.

My best wishes for everybody,


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Thank you very much to you all for your welcome and answers!

Before finding this site I was completelly lost. I found no support and little information in my country about this disease.
You are doing a great job giving support to people like me who felt completely lost. I thank you very much.
My father is still in hospital but improving day by day. He feels powerless and discouraged due to all this situation which catched him unawares, so I told doctors not to tell him anything about cancer until he can come back home. I try to encourage him all the time.
Surgeon said something about chemo, but we have to wait until he recovers from surgery.
I feel stronger now and I am convinced that all diseases are 50% attitude and 50% disease. Lets be strong and keep on feeling like living this life as fullest!

Thank you very much again and sorry for my spelling.
Whising you the best,


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Hello to everybody,

My father was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma at the end of July. He is 63. Since then I've been searching for information all over the internet. I've never heard before about this kind of cancer.
He looked perfectly healthy two months ago that it's still very hard for me to believe he's got that inside him. Last week they removed the tumor but they told us that it was too big and it was very expanded, it even surrounded the portal vein. They wished to remove the head of pancreas and his left liver too in order to avoid a fast metastasis, but they couldn't do it because my father was too weak. Surgeon said he will be alive from 4 to 12 months.
Now he's doing fine after surgery but I can't stop wondering what comes next.
I'll put a post in the correct place asking you all about dendritic cell therapy.

Wishing you the best,