Andy,  I'm so glad to read your story.  I have had cc about a year longer than you---have had NO problems with my bile ducts, but my original tumor was 13 1/2 cm.  I can't have surgery due to involvement with the great vessels of the liver.  I have had cisplatin, gemcitabine,  5 fu, Xeloda, & radiation 2 times.  I was fortunate to use the big Novalis machine at the University of Nebraska.  No side effects at all from the radiation.  What a blessing.  So far so good & the tumor is 71/2 cm the last CT I had in early Aug.  I am still working full time & have a goal set for retirement in 2 years.  I hope I am so fortunate to see that day.  Sharon  Nebraska  USA


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SallyPa,  I have gone the same route as your sister.  But I will say I have been blessed---Started in Dec 2008-   13 1/2 cm  --had cisplatin/gemcitabine---it shrunk---I had to quit the cisplatin, due to hearing side effects, continued w/ 5 fu & gemcitabine---Tried to have a surgery in Philadelphia   Jefferson hospital  Dr Doria, but my tumor was also wrapped around the large vessels & the surgeon had to give it up on it after he did an intraoperative ultrasound.  So more chemo & then in the fall of 2009  radiation.  and more radiation in April 2010.  I now have a 7 1/2 cm tumor & have had no side effects from the radiation. I got to use the big Novalis machine at the University of Nebraska & I swear that it is wonderful.  I work full time & have been able to continue except for some occasional 1/2 days off for the chemo.  My goal is to survive long enough to retire. . . 2 more years!!  God is Good.  Sharon  Nebr