Val, sorry you had to find this website. I just want to tell you I am Dr. Chapman's miracle. I am alive today because of God, 2 strangers, and Dr. Chapman and team. I have an amazing story to share and keep it posted at  I am sorry to say though my story took a bad turn last October when my cancer returned after 61/2 years of being cancer free, but for me I remember 8  years ago I was  told I had 6-8 months to live, so when I have my pity party I just remember that I got 8 years out of 6-8 months, lots of moments and memories made!
Dr. Chapman is more than a doctor, he is a kind man with a heart the size of Texas, he is very honest and loving. Dr. Chapman is very phone friendly and will move quick in reviewing your dad's case, he know time is not our friend. Once you contact his office he will have you send records/scans and will make a decision if he can change your diagnosis or treatment before coming to St. Louis. He will not make  you travel if he doesn't think he can help you.
Please let me know if I can help, or if you come to St. Louis you have a friend here.

Brigitte,, I have a blood cot in my hepatic artery and have been giving my self Levonox shots since January. I tried to switch to Pradaxa, because my stomach was so battered and bruised from them, but had major heartburn from it. I googled Pradxa and found that is a major issue, so I am back to look for a spot to get my shot!! Oh well, I am alive to have such problems!!


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Jennifer, I am excited to give you the name of my hero, Dr. William Chapman at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis MO. I was 61/2 years cancer free thank to  Dr. Chapman. I have an amazing story to share and keep it posted at There is a video on there that I was honored to make with Dr. Chapman. I have posted his name on this site for years and many CC patients have contacted him and several have had there diagnosed changed for the better. Dr. Chapman is a doctor with a heart and kind soul. He is very phone friendly and will act quickly, because he knows time is not our friend. You can also reach out to Daisy, or Brenda on the farm, to hear more amazing Dr. Chapman stories. I am alive today because of God, 2 strangers and Dr. Chapman and the amazing part is that is exactly he would list it, he is a very humble.
Please contact me if I can help more.
Prayers for your mom and your family.


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Donna, Welcome the world to of CC! I to am so short of breath, I can't walk to living room from bedroom with out be winded. Many chest CT, blood work. ER visits XRays and long story short it is my liver and CC. Before  my CC came back I was very short of breath, I couldn't walk and talk (God forbid!!) turns out I was very anemic and take 3 iron supplements a day, made big difference back then. My hemoglobin stays low about 9 now. I use a scooter, if I ever in a store where available, and that is very   exhausting!!
Not sure I added any new information but I feel your pain and frustration!
Sending prayers-Cathy


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grsharp, Welcome and sorry you had to find us. When I was first diagnosed my doctor's exact words," I know it will come back a false negative" It took 2 weeks of being sent to Mayo to get my positive biopsy. I have an amazing story I share on my web page
My hero is Dr. Chapman at Barnes_Jewish Hospital, St. Louis MO. Dr. Chapman is from Vanderbuilt and has a great reputation in the CC world. He is speaking at conference this week!!
Dr. Chapman has been contacted by several CC patients and some have had there prognosois changed for the better. Dr. Chapman is very phone friendly and will only bring you to St. Louis if he can help.
Please let me know if I can help
Lots of prayers-Cathy

Julie, I just had the same expierence  with my liver abcess. My interventional radiologist, thought it was getting worse but my liver doctors didn't agree!! After several conferences with all my doctors, they believe it is better because the ultrasound is a better scan for fluids than a CT. The ultrasound showed very little fluid and my drain should be removed in 2 weeks!!
Lots of prayers for healing and less confusion! Cathy

Julie, sorry about all your problems! Thank God for the internet! I am curious why they don't use an external drain. I have had fluid build up for 6 weeks and have an external drain, hopefully will be removed tomorrow!
Prayers for answers and good news from the Mayo!


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Frank, Hello and sorry to meet this way. I am glad your wife is responding to treatment.
I would like to ask, where you are being treated. I live in the St. Louis area (Wood River, IL) and being treat at Barnes/Siteman Center and Dr. Rama Suresh is my oncologist. God, 2 strangers and Dr. Chapman at Barnes  saved my life 61/2 years ago and now we are trusting in them again. My team of doctors are the most compassionate, knowledgeable and fighting doctors you could want in this battle!!
I keep my story posted at There is a video I made for Barnes on there. Would love to talk some time!
Lots of prayers for your wife-Cathy


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Ben, the first thing I was told when diagnosed was, "I know what I saw and I know it will come back a false negative", Dr. Guiseppe Aliperty at Barnes-Jewish in St. Louis MO. was right on. I was immediately put in touch with all the right doctors and 2 weeks after sending it to Mayo Clinic, my diagnose of CC was confirmed. If I had been treated by my local doctors I wouldn't be here to share my story.
Vanderbilt is a great choice
Lots of prayers-Cathy


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Cait, hate to meet this way but we have some things in common. I was a 61/2 year cancer survivor  thanks to God, 2 strangers and Dr. Chapman at Barnes!! Sad  to say my cancer has returned. The return of my cancer was a shock to me and my doctors at Barnes. The other interesting thing is as we were traveling home from Thanksgiving, I ended up stopping buying a thermometer and finding an emergency room ASAP. I had a blood infection, urine infection and Kidney infection, they said I probably wouldn't have made it another couple of hours! I was at Mosaic Hospital in St. Joseph MO. and they couldn't have been better or smarter, they realized it was way out of there league and as soon as I was stable enough they put me in an ambulance for a 6 hour ride back to Barnes!!  It has now been 5weeks and after 10 days in hospital I am home with anti-biotic pump and drains and many doctor appointments!!I can not tell you enough how blessed you were to start at Barnes and now have one of there doctors as yours now!! I keep my story posted at There is a video I made with Dr. Chapman for Barnes on it!!
Can I ask who your doctor is now? Contact me if you would like to talk or share info!
Lots of prayers-Cathy

I was cancer free for 61/2 years and was always reminded there could be one minute cell not visibable to telescope, naked eye,... lurking and they were right!! It took 61/2 years for this cell to show up. I was scanned every 3-6 months, blood draws every month.. during that time and not a flag or clue!! My doctors are focused on the fact that it took  61/2 years to  show up is a good thing!
Lots of prayers for all knowing the world of CC!!

I am not sure if I ever thought I would write this statement "it's back", I do know I was pretty comfortable being was cancer free.
I have the usual CC story, I thought I had the flu, which was really a kidney infection, which led to a stent being placed in my ureter, which led to a summer of wearing a urine bag, and then last Monday, routine surgery to fix ureter  and remove urine bag stunned my doctor to see the damage to ureter was cancer and Thursday the official diagnose that cholangiocarinoma was in my ureter wall! I am exhausted being made sick by body parts I barely knew exsisted, bile duct, ureter.....
I have my first "Welcome to the world of cancer" doctor appointment tomorrow. Tomorrow can not come fast enough, or it's coming way to fast!!



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Hi Frank and welcome. I am excited to tell you that I am 6 years cancer free thanks to God, 2 strangers, and Dr. William Chapman and team at Barnes!
I sent you an email (maybe more than once??!!)
Lots of prayers and HOPE

Jessica, Congrats on new baby and sorry we met this way. I am excited to tell you I am 6 years cancer free thanks to a transplant. I keep my story posted at
Tiffany Snead Schwartes, is in your age group with young children and is 2 years cancer free thanks to transplant, she also did chemo after transplant.
Please contact me if I can help or you would like to talk.

Jason, sorry about your mom I keep praying that Dr. Chapman will be able to help.
I am obviously very biased on transplants as an options and like you wonder why more CC patients aren't candidate. I am sure one is there is a major shortage of organs, and for a long time most doctors wouldn't consider it for reasons of reaccurance, no immune system to fight off reaccurance and to quote Sloan Kettering "it is illegal to give a perfectly healthy organ to some one with cancer"!! That was told to Wayne Parson when he brought his wife to them, he then contacted Dr. Chapman, unfortunaley his wife didn't make it but she did make it to the transplant list, Wayne Parson always says if he found Dr. Chapman sooner his wife would still be here. Wayne Parsons post can be found on this site.
Please contact me if you would like to contact Wayne, he is very knowledgable and helpful.


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Jenny, Sorry to meet under these conditions. I live in southern IL and am excited to tell you I am 6 years cancer free from this awful disease. There is HOPE!
I worry when they say your mom is inoperable, that is a reason to get a second opinion. My miracle worker was Dr. William Chapman at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis MO. Dr. Chapman is very phone friendly and knows time is not our friend, he will do a phone consult quickly to see if he is able to change things. The Mayo Clinic and MDAnderson  are probably the most mentioned on this site for cutting edge CC care, but there is a little more time involved in getting an appointment.
I keep my story posted at
Please contact me if I you would like to talk or if can share any info. (618-567-3247)
Lots of prayers for your mom and her family for HOPE

Jason, I had 10 ERCP's (all stents) in the 9 months I waited for transplant. The ERCP's usually  brought relief from nausea, vomiting... I had a couple almost back to back right after diagnose. I had amazing doctors, all I had to say "my feet itch" and they knew to change them.
My diet or food choices wasn't a "healthy cancer free diet", but I was doing radiation and chemo and my radiation oncologist said "We don't like skinny people, so eat and eat whatever it takes"!!
Lots of prayers for HOPE and comfort,


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Randi-CONGRATS, and  AMEN!!! So excited for you!
I relate completely with I only think of it daily and not by the minute! When I was first diagnosed the person I reached out to say she didn't want this to define her, and I never and still  don't understand that.  Cancer shook my world and I came out of this earthquake alive, so for a moment and memory, there is a underlying greatfulness!  I may not breathe it every moment but I am always aware how life changes in a moment and never want to lose that knowledge!!
Congrats and keep inspiring!!

I am excited to say on May24, 2015 I was 6 years cancer FREE!!
The best way to celebrate is to keep posting "I am alive because of God, 2 strangers and Dr. William Chapman", if my story bring another person HOPE, I am honoring my donors and Dr. Chapman who gave me a story!!
Please share with anyone looking for answers and HOPE!!

Brenda, thank you for the kind words, you are making me cry!!
I am so excited about Kenny, one he is such a kind man and because now he is a face of HOPE!!!
I  love to share my story, and cannot say enough the reason I have story is because of God, 2 strangers and Dr. William Chapman!!
Love you Brenda and can't wait to visit again!!

Jason, RUN don't walk to a second opinion!! Your mom's diagnose and treatment so far is subpar. Our cancer is very rare but not as rare as 7 years ago when I was diagnosed.
I am excited to tell you I just did 6 years cancer free!! I have an amazing story to share and keep it posted at
I am proof there is HOPE!!
My hero is Dr. Chapman at Barnes-Jewish in St. Louis MO. I have posted his name as many times as I can and several of our CC family have consulted with him and have had there dire prognosis changed for the better!! Dr. Chapman is not only a great a great doctor but a kind compassionate man with a heart. Dr. Chapman is also phone friendly an will take your call and decide quickly if he can help, he knows time is not our friend. , and will not bring you to St. Louis if he didn't think he could help. Brenda on the farm just posted her husbands1 year good news story and Dr. Chapman was there second opinion!!
MD Anderson and Mayo Clinic are cutting edge places for CC and I am sure you will here great stories from our CC family quickly.
Please contact me if I can help 618-568-3247
Lots of prayers for your mom

Lola, my daughter was a junior in college 31/2 hours away when I was diagnosed, not only did we insist she go back to school, so did my doctor .  I know it was difficult for her but it was the best decision  at the time. She is an amazing child, she always made sure on chemo day there was some gift for me, a book, mixed tape..... I was a transplant candidate and during my wait for the call we even made her go on spring break, of course she went with a Southwest voucher to get home quickly if the call came!
When things went real bad for me and was on life support, she called our priest twice to give me last rites and when things got better and I was able to go home, she did take a semester off. I came home in  a whee lchair, drains, feeding tube.... and there was no way she was going back for the semester. That semester  was the semester she was suppose to study abroad too.
I am excited to tell you she graduated a semester late.
There is no yes/no answer, I really believe you will know when the time is right to take a break and for how long.
Lots of prayers for healing, comfort and peace.

Hi you can email me with the email link or email me at or FB me Catherine Sims Dunnagan  or call me 618-567-3247. If you want to call you might wait a day or 2 have bronchitis and can't talk much.
Can't wait to talk.
Lots of prayers-Cathy

Liverma88, I am a 51/2 year CC survivor thanks to transplants. I am confused about your post or even more thankfull for my medical team, because I always kept aware of where I was on the list.  My MELD score was constantly watched and raised, I started at 26 and was transplanted at 34 in a 5month period and Dr. Chapman thought that was to long. If you would love to talk or if I can help please feel free to contact me.
Lots of prayers-Cathy

Congrats, Julie keep posting good news and inspiring others!!
Lots of prayers for continued good health!