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I'm new to the site - based in Dublin, Ireland. My dad was diagnosed with this terrible disease in May. We were immediately told that it was inoperable and given a horrific prognosis of 3 months without treatment and 11 months with treatment.

At the time of the diagnosis he had just started experiencing some side effects including weightloss, jaundice & itching. They started chemo almost immediately and is getting a combination of gemcitabine and cisplatin.  After two or three cycles they did a scan and both tumors had shrunken significantly - one by almost 50% and one by over 30%. The doctors were very pleased and ordered for the chemo to continue.

My dad is probably the most positive person in the entire world ...I accept I might be slightly biased... Since May he has never complained once - is doing everything he should be doing, has put back on the weight he lost and other than some fatigue has really had no side effects at all from the chemo, also has no effects from the CC since he started the chemo.

Neither my parents ask questions of the oncologist - he's not exactly the chatty type but he can keep his crappy bedside manner so long as his treatment plan continues to work. The thing is we have the next scan in late Oct and I'm not sure what to expect.  I have really had no experience of cancer before now - to me it would seem logical that the treatment continues so long as the tumors are continuing to shrink / not grow - is that correct?
Since his quality of life is so good I see no reason to stop at the end of October but is there a set number of cycles that is advisable or where do we go from here?

thanks for your help..