Thanks for the suggestion about googling the Essiac tea and Goji juice.  I will try that.  My sister has had several consultations with a number of physicians and specialists.  She has had numberous traditional therapies (surgery, biliary tube placement, chemo with Gemcitabine and Capcitabine).  The doctors are not able to offer much more (except highly experimental drugs which are not proven for safety or effectiveness and have a potential of extreme side effects--some of which she is already experiencing).  Anyway, I just thought I would do some research to see if I could come up with anything else.  She has 3 children and is really wanting to fight this for them.  The support of others who share this struggle that affects them or a loved one is comforting to me.  Thanks for your ideas.

Has anyone had experience with Essiac tea and Goji juice treatments?  My sister was diagnosed a year ago.  Her cancer is inoperable.  She was on Gemcitabine and Capcitabine which are no longer helping her.  Her tumor is growing and traditional medicine doesn't have much to offer at this time.  How is the tea taken and what is the amount used?  What about the Goji juice (how much and how is it taken)?  Also, does anyone know if Marinol is available in WI?  Are there any other home remedies or herbal supplements that anyone has tried that have helped?  Thanks for any help and ideas anyone has.