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My husband had his liver resection at VCU Hospital in Richmond VA.  His Dr's name is Dr. Robert Fisher.  His surgery was on Aug 27th 2010, and he just had his most recent followup in Dec of 2011, and he is still cancer free.  Dr Fisher is a wonderful Dr.  If not for him, I would not have my husband today!  VCU has a Hospitality House for relatives to stay, while their loved ones are in the hospital.  One floor is totally dedicated to transplant families. Transportation to and from the hospital are available too.  They were there for me in every way, and the hospital staff took wonderful care of my husband.  I would recommend this Hospital to anyone suffering from liver disease.    smile


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I have been doing a lot of research since my husband was diagnosed, and discovered diet plays a major role.  Animal proteins are bad for the body, and a vegan diet is best to keep cancer cells from returning.  Since there is no "cure" for cancer, we have to keep it away as best as possible.  We are what we eat.  It is not a cure for cancer, but from what I have read, and saw documented, one can live a longer life if they develop a plant based died.


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We were told chemo and radiation are useless against cholangio.  Carl had a radio ablation done first, back in Feb '10, and it didn't kill the tumor, so his Dr then went for the re-section, in Aug '10.  His left lobe was removed, with clear margins, and so far, this first MRI looks good.  My husband is still skeptical, and has asked for a copy of the MRI report to look over himself.  His Dr did tell him it can reappear, in any of the many bile ducts, through out the liver  sad    so we will continue to hope it wont.

nur1954:  sorry to hear of the loss of your son, I hope time will ease the pain for you and your family.


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My husband Carl had a liver re-section in Aug 2010, to remove a Colangiocarcinoma tumor.  Since then he has been recovering.  Last Tues, we went back to VCU, where the surgery was done, and he had his first followup MRI.  We were both astonished at the news, when the Dr looked at the MRI results, and told us there was no new evidence of any of the cancer returning.  Although we were happy, the Dr told us it can reappear at any time, so Carl will continue to have ultrasounds every 3 months and scheduled MRI's.  All we have is hope, and everyday is a gift.  My wish this season, is that a cure can be found for Cholangiocarcinoma, for all of those still suffering, from its effects.


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Thanks, to all of you who answered....It made me feel very good.

Since his surgery, I have done a lot of research, and there is a good change he will survive longer than the odds.  His Dr's only told him to followup with a Hepatologist.  They suggested an MRI in 6 months, but I know he would feel more comfortable, if they did it in 3 months.

He is starting to get a better appetite, and even has gone back to work, for a few hours a day....we will see how long that will last.  He still gets very tired.

I am happy to have met you all, only I wish it was under better circumstances.


My husband just had a liver resection on Aug 27th 2010.  He is a Hep C survivor, and also has cirrhosis.  He is having a hard time recovering.  He is very tired, and has no appetite.  Is this normal after resection?  His tumor was 1cm, and he was told it didn't invade any other tissue, but we were also told the prognosis is still not very good for long term survival,  and patients will have a recurrence of this cancer again....that it is not curable.  This is very sad news to us.