Hi Marion,
Did you find the mistletoe injections and Vitamin C helpful?  Did your husband have intraveneous Vitamin C? 
A naturopath physician we visited suggested Mistletoe injections and intraveneous Vitamin C.  However, an integrated medicine doctor at Sloan Kettering advised against both.  She said the mistletoe can be dangerous and people have dropped dead on it.  As for the intraveneous Vitamin C, she said there is no proof it helps.
I have been thinking though of trying these for my mom.  However, having to go a few times a week for the Vitamin C could be rather tiring for her.  I just don't know what is the best thing to do for her.

Her oncologist suggested trying Tarceva, a targeted medicine,  which she thinks my mom may be able to tolerate better than she did the Gemzar.  However, there are side effects with the Tarceva as well.  I don't want to do something that could make my mother sick but I want to try something for her if it could help her.

My mom's cancer markers keep going up and last week were 15,000.
Recently, the spreading of the cancer is causing a blockage against the ureter preventing urine to come out of her left kidney to the bladder as it should.  For the time being nothing is being done for this unless it becomes problematic.

Except for the tiredness she is feeling O.K.



I am also looking into using Avemar for my mom.  Memorial Sloan Kettering has a website listing various herbs.  Both Avemar and Protocel are discussed.
Avemare sounds safe to use but MSK does not recommend using the Protocel.
http://www.mskcc.org/mskcc/html/69160.cfm  (Protocel) 
http://www.mskcc.org/mskcc/html/69418.cfm  (Avemar)

Hope this helps.

Thanks Gavin,

I am looking alot on those sights.  I did ask her oncologist about meds for the fluid in her abdomen as you mentioned and was told there isn't anything for that.
Her last scans now show that there is evidence of cancer cells there.

Thanks for your support.  Halinamary

My 84 year old mother was diagnosed with a Klatskin Tumor in March 2010.  She was not a candidate for surgery beacause it involved some blood vessels and also beacause of her heart condition. 
She went through a course of radiation (IMRT).  She tried chemo using Gemzar but got too sick from it.  It dangerously effected her heart and put her in the hospital for a week.  She could not continue.

Since then we have been doing things following a natural approach - using many of the things in Andy & Linda's Alternatives post as well as other supplements.

My mom's recent scans show her tumor is still small and has not grown any.  So I was told she is doing great.  However, her cancer markers have increased tremendously over the past months - now more than 3000.   Consulting with another oncologist, I was told that although her scans look good there must be cancer now somewhere else in her body.  One picture shows a little fluid in her abdomen and the doctor thinks there could possibly be cancer cells there.  Aso a picture of her lungs show some small nodules which are too small to test at this point. 
I was told she with the cancer spreading she does not have more than six months.  At this point, although I have noticed her getting much more tired she is still able to take care of herself and do many of the activities she enjoys including going places with and my children.  I am not ready nor is she too give up yet.

Has anyone had a similar situation where the scans look good but the cancer markers have greatly increased? 

I am trying to find some other treatments for my mom.  I have looked at perhaps trying intraveneous Vitamin C or miseltoe injections, hoping this my slow down her cancer spreading.  I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone can offer me.

I live in NYC and we have already been to Sloan Kettering, NYU Cancer Center and Montefiore Cancer Center.  I would like to find a naturopathic doctor anywhere in the tristate area that can offer us alternatives.  I would be greateful for any suggestions.

Thank you for any response.


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Hi Jackie,
I have heard of Silver Nanoparticles and after doing some research have some reservation about it.  I have read some good things about it but I have also read some very negative things also.

For example, this is an article from the Mayo Clinic website.

Health Expert Answers Colloidal silver: Is it safe or effective?


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Thank you for responding.  We decided to try the Gemzar.  She is getting 500mg - 2 weeks on and then 1 or two weeks off, depending on her blood counts.  She had 2 treatments and so far she is feeling no side effects at all.

She had no problems with the radiation and it did help shrink the tumor.  I've read so much about how chemo has helped and I've also read how chemo was debilitating, not helpful and that this cancer does not respond to chemo.

My mom is a somewhat active woman and goes everywhere with me and my children ( visiting friends, Central Park and even row boating there, Bronx Zoo, county fairs, museums etc.). 

If the chemo can give her a better chance with this cancer she is willing to try it. What scares me is that the chemo could make her sick by compromising her immune system.  Yet, if we don't try the chemo and the cancer starts getting worse we'll regret not having tried it. 

As I said, so far she is feeling fine - even her weight has not gone down anymore.  One problem I think with her weight is that it has been hard getting alot of calories.  The doctor told her to stay away from oils and fats.  So I have been cooking everything on water instead and that reduces calories quite a bit.  Also I read that sugar should be limited - another source of calories.

I find my head spinning with so many different opinions and options.  I have been giving her alot of supplements and foods that are suppose to help the immune system. I hope it helps.


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My mom, who now is almost 85 years old, was diagnosed with a Klatskin Tumor in March.  She had no symptoms and routine blood work showed an abnormal liver function.  So, she had an ultrasound, MRCP, and biopsy which confirmed a diagnosis of a Klatskin Tumor.  The tumor is small and at an early stage.

Her primary doctor sent her to a gastro specialist who advised us not to do anything for treatment and let the cancer take its course.  He told us it is not a painful way to die - she would turn yellow and fade away peacefully.  I could not accept this.

We then went to Memorial Sloan Kettering.  She is not a candidate for surgery because the cancer involves blood vessels.  We were then sent to another doctor there who would not discuss my mom with me.  My mom is hard of hearing and depends on me to communicate with the doctors.

We saw a radiation oncologist (who is from MSK) at the Rahway Cancer Center in NJ.  There she received a course of radiation - IMRT.

We are currently seeing an oncologistat NYU Cancer Center which is closer to home. A PET Scan showed the cancer is not active at the moment.  I've been told this cancer usually returns and is very aggressive.  So, the doctor wants to give her a course of chemotherapy using Gemzar.   The doctor feels now is the time for the chemotherapy so it will enhance the effect of the radiation.

Her cancer markers and liver enzymes are good at the moment.  She has been losing weight , however.
I am very nervous that the chemotherapy could make her very sick and don't want to make a bad situation worse.  The plan is to give her 750mg of Gemzar - 4 cycles of 2 weeks on and 1 week off.

The doc wants to begin her treatment Thursday, Sept. 30.  I would appreciate any response.  I am so nervous about all this and want to make the right decision for her.
Thank you.

Has anyone had any  experience using Dr. Sun's Selected Vegetable Soup?

I have read about it on the National Cancer Institute Website, as well on Memorial Sloan Kettering and Mount Sinai websites.  It seems to have ingredients that help fight cancer and build the immune system.  In general, it promotes good health.

It is a complementary therapy.  I would like to know if anyone has used this and if was helpful.