YES! Good news, keep it up.

Love you attitude, keep up the good work


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Just a short note to all who suffer.

Diagnosed with CC in 8/2008, two surgeries and chemo with very good results until 6/2012 when CT showed some tumor growth.

Bottom line, never give up, enjoy who you have in your life and keep the faith.


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Hello all
My name is Bob and I was diagnosed with CC about 3 years ago, been on this site, did alot of research, self reffered to MD Anderson and got my third clean scan today.
  I had about 65% of my liver taken the first surgery, then another surgery a year later to remove some nodes.
  I had lost all hope at one time and since this disease is so unforgiving I wanted to pass on to all you that there is hope.
  I've prayed, tried to keep a good attitude, got depressed, contimplated "alternatives" and generally gave up.
  I'm here today to ask everyone to have hope and believe in yourself, keep the faith and dont' give up.
  Best wishes to all.