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Thank you all for your welcome!
My mom is a very young 57, still with NO symptoms. They found the tumors in her liver by accident.  At this point, it is contained to the right portion of her liver. She has went through a porto vein embolazation to help the left side grow.Once it grows we are looking at a 70% resection. I really want a second opinion for her. Since the first day I met her doctors my gut has been screaming it. I truly feel we need to be more aggressive and hear some other options! I have been trying to get her to "entertain" the thought of what the Mayo Clinic can offer for her. We are in Ohio, but who cares, I will travel anywhere.

A little about me...
I am a 35yr old Type A personality, and my family is my life's work. I have an amazing husband and 2 wonderful children, I also have a brother who is my best friend(next to my husband) and my mother is the glue that holds it all together. I can't even think of a day without her in some capacity. I am struggling VERY BAD with this. I am very fortunate that in my life I have been very happy and there has not been anything I couldn't fix or overcome. I feel like I have met my match with this Cancer. I have become obsessed with finding out more and trying to save her life. However it irratates me to NO END that it may be out of my control.  I have found myself staying up most of the nights reading up on the disease and reading medical journals to figure it all out!!!! However it is not a test, that I can study for and get an A, It is not a decision I can research and come up with the right answer, There are to many variables that are out of my control and I can't figure it all out!!

That is when I came across this amazing website and seen that there are other people going through the same thing as my mom and I and it is comforting to see that I am not the only one, and that irratates me why couldn't we all meet each other in another place and time.

This is all very difficult for me, this is the first time in my life I have been truly scared.
Oh by the way have I mentioned, my mom is in total denial about it all. She believes that once they resect her Liver she will be cured and life will go back to normal in about a month???? I try not to change her mind, because who am I to tell her different!

Again, thank you all for your welcome, I am glad to have found you at this time. I really wish we could have all met at the Park or Happy hour. Just anywhere but here, but I am here now and I hope I can bring as much for you as I see that you all bring for eachother.
Thank you!!!!!!


(4 replies, posted in Introductions!)

Just wanted to say hello to everyone. My mom has been recently diagnosed and...I just don't know...anything anymore,except that I have to figure out how to save her life!!!!!!!!!!