thank you all for the love and prayers. dad is in a better place now. i will keep all of u in my thoughts and prayers

dearest Friends, Dad lost his battle with CC last night.  he fought a hard battle.He is now with our mom, He was truely a mountain man, His ashes will be scattered on his beloved mountain.

dear friends, dad is in hospice hospital now. looks bad. dont think he will make it thur the next couple days. he has what they call flash pumorary edemia. forgive the spelling. he is very bad. he has put up a good fight, i know my mom is there waiting for him. keep us( my family and my dad) in your prayers.  thank u all. God knows best.

bad news
dad is in icu. he had a heartattack. he was in a coma. has woke up.  he has pressure burns on his feet. very bad. finally has a metal stent, dont no if it will work. he is very septic right now. have to put in a port . all his veins has collasped. he has  kidney failure.  doesnt sound good. but then we have had him for more then a year now, longer than expected. he hates the hospital. the cc has spread all thur his body. but he is still here. thanks to all who said a prayer. i'm asking for more prayers now. thanks again

i havent forgot anyone. been very busy. its been a year now , dad is still with us. he has two more stent replacement since i was last on here. about every 2 months now. he is yellow again. been a month since last replacement. he seems to be doing good. just pain meds. Still lives by his self. my brother lives above him. keeps a good eye on him. dad looks bad, but he doesnt let it get him down. he has brought him a trailer and had rooms big on. i think it just gives him something to do, cause he has two homes. he has got himself some more dogs to raise. he just keeps busy. he is a unbel.iveable. keep us in your prayers

fathers day.    dad is still with us. tomorrow is his birthday. Thank God for all the miracles.  He will be 76.   Still doing his own things. no treatment just some pain meds. still driving, taking care of his self.  He is doing so good. its unbelievable. in sept , the drs. said a month at the most. almost a year has gone by and he is still here. a few close calls, some stent replacements, but he is still here!!!!! thats  the best Fathers Day ever!!!!!!

i havent forgotten you.   update on dad.  he is still going strong.  he has to have another stent replacement, but so far so good. he still lives by hisself and doing everyday stuff. a little weak now and then. its been  since last sept. that they said he had a month to live.  the cancer is taking over his liver and stomach area, but to see him you wont think so.  God has  really blessed us. he is in little pain. rides his fourwheeler and doing what he wants. he is one tough bird

dear friends, dad is still kicking(as he says)  He had to go to the hospital. He has started to hurt  a little more. Just the cancer pain.  Other than that hes doing fine.  his stent is doing good(he only has 1 working. the other one is blocked by a tumor.) liver 1.5. very good.  Dad is such a strong man. there has to be a reason , hes still going. I thank all  who has prayed for him.


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beautiful post thank you so much

update on Dad    he is still going strong.  he isnt yellow now. he still looks bad but he is still making it.  he is a walking  marvel.  still lives by hisself , him and his dogs.  no hospice yet just his meds.   many a prayers has been answered. thank u all

bad news, good news .   i beieve everything happens for a reason. dad was in a bad car accident. he broke 7 ribs. drs said his bones were so thin u could see thru them. that the bad news. good news,  since he was in the hospial  the drs seen how yellow he was and how high his liver count was(14.7) they done the stent surgery. both stents were completely blocked. they unblocked one side. the other side the klatskin  had completely block. cant get that one in. one unblocked stent is better than no blocked stent. if the cc dont get him, he hAS  aleast another 2 to 4 months here on earth.  his liver cout is now 11. micrales happens.

well, dad is still going. had an infection after Christmas. took antibotics. seems to have helped . Dad sure is a fighter. NEW YEARS  has came. Dad is still with us. mom  will have  been gone a year this month.  made dad some fudge candy. his dog ate it. he was so mad. HE SAID SOMEONE STOLE IT. had to make him so more. he loves peanut butter fudge. blessed memories we have made this year. hope  and pray this year will have more special memories. you all, have a blessed year love and prayer

Mr.J, thoughts and prayers goes out to you. Hope your Holidays were as good as mine. wish you were on the mountain too . I would come and see u., like i do my dad. God is in the valley ,as well as on the mountain. Keep your spirits high.  love and prayers, Judy

dear friends, we had a wonderful Christmas. Dad stayed with us for about 3 hours then headed back to his mountain. He is so yellow, he's orange. Tired alot. My sisters are in from NC. just to be with him.but as usual , when he wants to leave , he just does . they're  kinda hurt, but like i tell them, dad is dad.  We r so thankfu that our holiday was so great.                                        Roni, i agree with Susan some days r so hard. when my dad was in NC i .worried so much . My  sisters were so good to him. He just wasnt home. now i worry even more. He still likes being alone.  sometimes he just sits , not saying anything.  i wonder what he's thinking.   i take 1 day at a time.   and pray, pray, pray. God grants surprises all the time. love and prayers for u and your parents.

dear roni, boy do i no  how u feel!  its been a roller coaster ride for me 2.  saw dad last night. he opened some gifts. he looks so tired. he still  wants to live by hisself. my brothers and i are there most of the time.  he wants no help. he says that he'll go to the hospital when hes sick enough. hes sick now !     he  wants to past at home with his dogs. he likes being alone alot. I just hope and pray we get thru Christmas and my sisters can get in. we've had bad, bad weather. makes traveling hard. hope your family have a merry Christmas and a happy New year. u can vent all u want. it really helps. love and prayers,     judy


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lainy,  just read your poem.  beautiful. thoughts and prayers are with you

update on dad. he is as yellow as a banana. his liver enz. r 12.5. still refuses the surgery for stents in PA. He says he'll go to the hospital when he gets sick. He is still walking and eating. his bp is totally normal and pulse is 68. He weights 127. lost 3 lbs. His enzs. up from a 0.07 to 12.5 in a month. i know this is bad. please pray for him and our family.  i feel death is knocking on our door .  may u all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

been a while since ive been on here dad is still going strong. he looks like hes turning a little yellow again. took him to the drs. his heart rate is slowly going down. blood presure normal other than this yellow tint and this pain meds he is doing fine the dr said he is the toughest man he nos thanks for all the prayers and i wish everyone a merry christmas may this season be a blessing like the last 3 months has for me


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sorry to hear about you mum. my prayers are with you and your family

update on dad he is walking, talking and has moved back to wva., on his mountain. he still is sick but he seems to be getting better. Is this possible? This man was on deaths door ,now he has surprised us all. Is this a normal part of cc? My sisters and I are at a loss. dont get me wrong ,im so thankful for this change and miracle. More time with him! We are just dumbfounded. IT COULD BE ALL THE PRAYERS EVERYONE SAID FOR HIM.  and thank you all.  I just came from his house. He seems better.  Please someone tell us whats going on?

dad heart rate went to 59. he became alert and wanted biscuits and gravy Praise be! He ate a few bite and then vomited. He talked a little. was such good news. The nurse said that he would do that. He's still fighting. I think its us that dont want to let go.  The vomiting takes its spells, sometime real thick sometimes just yellow. the nurse gave him an enmea today. he hadnt  used the bathroom for about 2 weeks. But then he hardley ate.  he sleeps all the time.  wonder what tomorrow brings? every time we think its time to give up., he surprises us with about an hour of good time(memories and to get our hopes up again) Its like a roller coaster ride.  but at least we still have him for a while.  I would do the roller coaster thing for another 20 years.

dad's not doing good. his heart rate is down to 46. he is just here. they say that his heart will make him go before the cc. I think hes tired of fighting. maybe 2 days to a week left. they say most likely he'll go in his sleep.  He  runs a fever and then chills.  he woke up ,only to throw up, and then back to sleep. hes weak. oh ,so weak. no smile, nothing. My sister says he started talking about  his dad, my mom and uncle ren. All, now in Gods arms. He did this Friday.  He had been in a lot of pain. but now he just sleeps. He has a funny sound coming from his throat. they said it wasnt from his lungs. He sleeps with his eyes open and only the whites showing. they have took all his blood pressure pills away. His blood pressure is so low.  We feel that the end is very near. please pray for him. thank you

been a while since ive been on here. dad is about the  same. instead of good days and bad days, its now good hours and bad. hes in alot of pain. have him on metadone and breakthur meds. Pittsburg wants to do another ercp on him he says no. his choice. but he is still hanging in there.. He had the cather took out. still hard for him to use the potty chair. God bless my sisters. pray for them and my dad.

txs michelle, this site helps me vent my feelings. i read so much on here. You wouldn't beleive how much i have learnt  I pass the info on to m sisters. txs again

my sisters are angels