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thanks for your response i am really confused at this point so looking out for options.

marions wrote:

killthecancer......I am not sure whether Tom will come to this site therefore, I will take it upon myself to answer your question.  Unfortunately, I have to report that Katia's Dad had passed away soon after surgery.  In fact, he never left the hospital.  If you are considering a qualified physician regarding surgery for this disease I would make sure to check the reputation and medical records of such doctor.  Please, let us know if we can help you in any way.
Best wishes,


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Hey Melody
it's great to hear about your mom's recovery i just wanted to find how is she doing now afte rthe surgery, ia m planning to see
dr canady and you please let us know how she is doing and the details of the surgery


melody539 wrote:

My mother had surgery at MonValley Hospital one week ago by Dr. Canady to remove her Klatskin Tumor. He resected 40% of her liver and she is doing well, going home today; will start chemo/radiation in one week. She is 76 yrs. old. Dr. Canady is the most dedicated, passionate, caring doctor I have ever met. Just ask the other 4 families he did surgery on this past week, Katya's dad included.  WE ALL LOVE DR. CANADY!!!  If anyone wants any info feel free to contact me.

A very grateful daughter,    Melody


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Hi I was wondering did you ever got tosee Dr candy if yes can you please pass on the information.thanks

blehmeign wrote:

Hello Everyone,
My brother, 26 yrs old has severe liver cancer and his doctors in New Brunswick NJ has given up all hope that they can help him. I heard of a Dr Jerome Canady through this site and through a television report on Kdka pittsburg. Does anyone known or has a current contact or hospital where Canady can be reached. This is a very difficult time for me and my family and we're looking for whatever help is out there. Thanks to all of you for your posting and best wishes on your journeys.


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Colleen wrote:

Katia & Silvia -
I am sorry to hear that you loss your father to this horrible disease. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.


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Hey Katia,
I am so sorry for your loss.
I am looking for some updats for Dr canady if you are ok to pass the information can you please let us know if you think your father would have survived if he did not go to Dr canady?
only reason i am asking is we are planning to visit him for one our family memeber so wanted check on every thing befor we take any decision. you input will be higly appreciated.
Thanks a bunch

cksvelasco wrote:

Dear all,

Although it has taken some time, here we are, my sister and I, writing to you in search for your support at this horrible time.   Our hearts still ake with pain and we are still finding it difficult to open up and write about it. Our father passed away on the 29th of November after battling very hard against this monster and for 15 days post surgery. His surgery was major, it lasted close to 13 hours and it involved removing 50 percent of his liver and pancreas, gall bladder, part of his stomach and intestines. Unfortunately his body and in particular his liver was already very weakened by the disease and he didn


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Hey Jett we are planning to see this Dr canady for our family memeber can you please let us know waht happened to Katia's father?
and information on this doctor

747JetMech wrote:

Sad news from Johns Hopkins site on patients who recently underwent Dr. Canady's surgery.  One of these patients was Katia's father. … /990925679 

To get the above link to work, please copy and paste the whole link.

Please note, this is secondhand information, I have not spoken to any of these people personally.


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