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Mom passed on Jan 4 2011. I feel like I have cleared the first big hurdle. Now it is time to go through all of the boxes of pictures that need to be gone through! One day at a time and one box at a time. I do feel like it is getting easier somedays are better than others. Something will happen and I will reach for the phone to call her and those are tough moments good luck to both of you Henna and Michelle Hang in there.




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Thank you so much that is beautiful..


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It has almost been a year that my mother passed away! So days I feel like I am in such a fog. I have such wonderful memories of her and that keeps me going. Knowing what she would want her family to be doing and trying to do it in just that way. I think I am driving the rest of the family nuts. But I just keep telling them this is what mom wanted and so this is what we are going to do. All is good. I hope everyone has the best holiday possible. Hapy Holidays to all of the CC family I would be lost without all of you.



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Merry Christmas to all of the CC family. Lainy as always your poems always touch my heart you are awesome. Thank you.


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I was thinking of you today so I just had to get on for a moment to let you know. Thanks for all the support that you give us all. You are awesome!


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Hello everyone

I have been away from the site for a while. Just wanted to stop in and see how everyone is doing. Lainy I have been catching up with some of your postings. You are still such a great inspiration to me. Mom has been gone now over nine months and I still have such overwhelming feelings at times. I do know she is happy and that does help so much. This is harder than I thought by getting on here to write. I'll check back again.

Take care all.



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12 weeks ago today I lost my mom. Some days are better than others. I love to put on her night gown and spray it with her perfume. I never knew I could miss anyone so much. Whatever you feel is normal we all do it different. Hugs and prayers your way!

My mother was very healthy for 82 years she never needed any meds for blood pressure cholesterol or anything else.She did not drink or smoke. She lived 11 months after her DX no explanation!

hi Nicholes my mom had 2 chemoembolizations the first one was not to bad but the tumor grew. She chose to have a second one and she never recovered from it. She had not been ill before then. Her second one was on July 27, 2010 and she passed on Jan 4 2011. She was extremely ill for the last 5 months we all wish we had not done the second one. It was indead the worst 5 months of all of our lives. She was 83 It has been 10 weeks today. Good Luck sending prayers your way.


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That is so beautiful Andrea I so needed that today. Having a very hard time getting through the day. Prayers and hugs to you and yours.

Thanks for sharing that wonderful story! So sorry to hear of your mom passing. The italian resturant is really busy. Take care.


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Thanks Pam and Nancy it helps so much when others do understand! Your words help so much!!!


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It has been a week today that we had moms service I returned to work on Tuesday a week after her passing. Everything has been going along. But today I sit here at my desk and alls I can think about is Mom I miss her so much. I cannot find the words to express this empty pain inside of me. I am just trying to get through the next 5 minutes without getting up and running out of here. Thanks to all of you on this site. Love you all


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Hospice did wonderful with my mom. I am so glad that she was able to pass at home. Good luck to you and hugs and prayers your way.

I know that this will be a rambling message but just need to air out some of these feelings.  Moms service was Friday and it was awesome.She would be proud. But now it is Sunday night and i need to return to work tomorrow. The last four months have been... I cannot even find a word to discribe it. Now i am suppost to return to my life like that and I see no way to return to it.. I miss Mom so much and i do not know what to do. I was going to work for a few hours then going to moms staying all night not sleeping then going to work over and over now she is not here for me to take care of and i can not find a way to care for myself so I called work tonight and said I need a day for me and i will return to work on Tuesday how do we go on from here? One Day at a time I guess..Thanks to all of my CC family.


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Mom passed away at 12:45 am. on Tuesday 1/4/11 I am so lost. I thought that I would be handling things better. I am happy that she is at peace. Her service will be Friday at noon.

Mom made her goal yesterday. She had a lovely time with her great-granddaughter who is 8 months old. We got wonderful pictures of the 2 of them. We were also able to convence her to let hospise bring in a hospital bed. We also had a nice/quiet Christmas I was surprised that some of my siblings did not want to be around for Christmas but my twin sis, mom and I had a great evening. I hope everyone had a good holiday. Next goal is New Years.

Thanks to all



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Thanks marions The dr called something out to rinse her mouth with. I am not sure what the name of it was, but she said as bad as everything already taste, that stuff made it worse! I will check out these items. Thanks for the help.



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I had forgotten about that. Yes i found good tidbits there thanks


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Does anyone have any tricks for easing thrush?


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Thanks to all for the input. I wish for all to have a wonderful holiday. Prayers to all of you and your families.

As the holiday approaches I am at a loss as to what to do? Mom did not want the usual decorations to be put up. So I have done a small tree. We have always had a white elephant gift exchange. She does not want any type of gifting this year so I scratched that. Now I am thinking of just getting as many as I can together and watching some Christmas shows and going through old photo albums. I even found her old projector and slides! My sibs seem to think this would be to sad. I think she would enjoy a trip down memory lane. Her Birthday is the 27th she will be 83 if she hangs on that long. I do think that is the marker she is trying to get to. I am looking for thoughts and ideas as to how to make this last one memorable. I am going to cook a Turkey Christmas day she cannot eat it but she loves to smell good food. So if anyone has experiences, suggestions please help out. Thanks so much to all for being here. Sorry if I am rambling I am becoming nervous and doubt alot of my decissions these days.



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Thanks I will try that.

my mom had no symptoms until after her 2nd chemoembolization! I suggest do not have another one and enjoy the time you have. After her 2nd one. She was never able to get over the sickness, has lost 35 lbs and has a very short time left. Be thankful yours is growing slow. Prayers your way.


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Moms feet started swelling looks like adema. Is this a normal process?