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Thanks for all your family has done. This is a great site.



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Click go to the board. I couldn't get the other link to work


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Has anyone heard if the two people from this site had their surgeries this week?


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I had the same feeling about the card when my sister mentioned it but I just told her I didn't know what we should do. I don't live close by like my other two sisters but I'm the oldest and I get ask what we should do questions and I don't know what's the right thing to do either. Thank you for your honesty that helps me a lot. My Dad was trying to get their headstone done by their anniversary but that's not going to work out and upset him quite a bit. It


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To contact Dr. Canady

                                                                   email:  jerome_canady@msn.com

                                                                   office:  412-664-6747 / 724-483-3639


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My parents wedding Anniversary is coming up and our mother passed away Aug.10, 2007 and my sister and I were talking about how to help our Dad on that day. Any suggestions? Someone mentioned to my sister that maybe we should get a card from her and put in some where for him to find. I just don

Katia, Is your dad still scheduled for surgery this week?


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truth4u wrote:


How did what happen

There was a comment on here yesterday that DR Canady had been suspended and I had ask the person what happened. I see now that comment is gone?

This was the comment they made.
To those of you discussing Dr. Canady - he has been suspended as of 11/8/07.


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How did this happen? Where can we read more about it?


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Do you ever wonder what happens to some of the people who come to the site and post maybe once and you never hear anything about them again?


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http://publications.villanova.edu/vumag … canady.htm


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I found this interesting

Canady Signs Manufacturing, Distribution Contract for Innovative Surgical Device:


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This is what I found on the net..
Elevated GGT levels indicate that something is going on with your liver but not specifically what. In general, the higher the level the greater the

Check out these two sites

http://www.indiaparenting.com/homeremed … /008.shtml


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If you still check this website what happened with your mom. I see no post since 06?


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Betty Thanks you for the poem.


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Tina is ok to let your mom know how you feel. My mom never spoke to me about dying only that she felt bad and never gave up on trying anything that might make her better. She was a trooper. She drank all kinds of concoctions anyone came up with. The best was the carrot juice. I never could get her to try some of the pills I was told about on this site but it wasn't for not trying.
So your mom already has a drain or stent? Has she started chemo or is she going to try that? I was never able to go with my parents to the dr's so I'm not totally sure about where the cc was located, I do know that when they 1st went in to put a drain they couldn't get to where they wanted to go and had to wait a few days and try again that was 4-5-7. June 6th they went back in and put metal stents
There are 5 of us kids and 8 grandkids plus my Dad. Most of us live in Alabama but my two brothers live in Louisiana. My two younger sisters live with in 20 miles of our parents, I live 100 miles away. We did our best to help my dad out with her care. The main thing was the chemo visit's and as you said the bag drian and making sure she took her meds. I feel for what your going tough. Tis website has been a great thing for me even if it was just reading other peoples post. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.



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What I don

As hard as this is I am sad to say my Mother(49) left us Friday 8-10 @ 8:24pm. She had fought this terrible cancer since Feb. 2006. She left a wonderful husband, 5 children and 9 grandchildren. She will be deeply missed. This site has been a get comfort to me over these months and I want to thank you all. Best of luck to all who are still fighting this terrible cancer.


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Thanks to all it helps to hear things that it may be. The Dr had an emergency and had to leave before he saw my parents. The nurse did talk to them some about the CT scan. She said the tumor has grown, the chemo is not helping and more than likely that's the reason for the pain. They go today @1 to see the Dr. He will explain more and if there's anything else she can try. I'll update when I hear something more.



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Last night her fever did get up to 102.5 they called the Dr. and where told she could go to the emergency room or wait till this morning for her appointment. They waited and they called me her bilirubin has doubled since last check two weeks ago it


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I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the chemo Gemzar? I have seen some post on here about it but not a lot of detail. My mother is currently taking Gemzar today will be her 3rd treatment of 4 before she has a scan done the 23rd of August. She is experiencing tiredness and a lot of stomach pain she has also ran a fever of 100.9 on some days. Her appetite is all but gone; we have to just beg her to drink any fluids. Are these normal side effects? She sleeps a lot more now than she did a few weeks ago.


Are there any updates on your Father? My mom is having some of the same issues and I was just wondering. After being in the hospital a week to have stents put in they were finally able to do it yesterday 6-6, she was having problems with her blood clotting and it took a week for them to figure out what to give her to make it clot. She is also having the swelling problem now that she's been in the hospital her Dr say's it's due to all the fluids they are pumping in her and not getting the exercise she would if she was at home. They were able to put stents in and didn't have to leave any drainage tubes. Not sure yet when she will get to go home the Dr usually comes in around 11am so we are waiting to see. Chemo was put off last week and this week due to being in the hospital. She won


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Today Sandi had her 1st dose of 5FU. Tomorrow she goes in for them to redo her drainage tube. It's not been draining to the inside for almost 2 weeks now. Last night it even stopped draining to the bag. Her bilirubin has went from 4-6 since last check and her liver enzymes where also high today. White cells were ok.  They also changed her chemo cycle she had 5FU today next week it's Oxaliplatin then 5FU again different each week till 6-14 then she has a scan. She was scheduled for a scan 5-31 but they changed it due to her missing the last two weeks of chemo.We are all praying tomorrow brings a better day.

Jeff the OMEPRAZOLE seemed to help. Thanks!


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My mom was taking Xeloda but last time they told her they were going to change it to the 5FU due to some side effects she was having from Xeloda. I'm not sure what's going on with that. She goes for chemo and to the dr. this Thursday so we'll know more then.