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Welcome and what an awesome story! I love your attitude! I always say attitude is half the battle. Keep up the good work, stay in touch and keep us posted of your progress!

I will do that right away!

Thanks Gavin! Looking forward to hearing more stories this year!


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Dear Mike,

So sorry for the loss of your wife. What an amazing love story....45 years. Sending prayers for strength, peace and comfort.


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Dear Cat,
Welcome to this group, so sorry you had to find us. Sending tons of good thoughts and prayers to you and your mother.

Dear Lucky 2,
Xeloda and Cisplatin are not the can search them here on the discussion boards and will see many, many posts about both. The search tool is at the top of the page by the login.
Also look through this section (Chemotherapy)  at past posts to learn more as well. Take care.

I did Taxotere after that for about 6 months before it failed as well.....Please keep us posted on your dad's progress, and keep the Blizzards coming!!

Hang in there and get that unruly little lymph node back in check!! escape! You got this, sending hugs and prayers your way!


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Congratulations on 20% shrinkage! That is awesome news, keep up the good work!! So happy to hear positive results and thank you so much for participating in this trial.

Great work Marion! I wanted to let you know that I also met with my state (Montana) representative's office. It was a great meeting! I should have got a picture. I also had phone meetings with the senator's office. ONE step at a time!

Praying for you and your family!  Hoping for good results, please keep us posted.

Dear SGM,

I did Gem/Cis combo and also ended up with severe neuropathy in my feet and hands. I stopped the Cisplatnin and did the Gemcitabine alone and unfortunately my tumors grew. I know that we all respond differently but wanted to share my experience with you.


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Dear Steven,

I am so sorry to hear about your mother, and will keep her in my prayers. I hope that the FOLFOX will do some damage to those tumors, without causing her too much havoc.

Unfortunately, at this time it is true that the trial I am in has not had any responders as successful as the response I have had. They learn from all, and continue to perfect and work around the clock to find more ways to utilize the immunotherapy response. I will let everyone know of any further information that I get from other patients as well as my trial team. .....though I still believe that the number of patients is not really that high and with more patients they will eventually find more responders. I will try and get more factual data and post when I do. In the meantime we keep looking and fighting for what ever new treatments we can. Research is so important for this disease and progress is being made....just never fast enough.

All my best to you and your mother,


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This sounds very interesting, looking forward to hearing of you dad's progress and how this all works. Way to advocate for you father! I love hearing these kind of stories! Please keep us updated and sending good thoughts and prayers!



Wonderful news!!! So happy for you and your mom! Send her my best, and tell her to keep on keeping on!!



What a story you have to tell! I am so happy you were able to have a resection and get rid of that 20lb tumor!! Sending good thoughts and prayers for your chemo tolerance to be a walk in the park. Hang in there and keep us updated on your progress.


Oh how I love all these connections being made! You go girls!


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Dear Alex,

I am sorry for the loss of your father. Sending prayers for peace, strength and comfort for you and your family.....all my best to you.


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Dear Chuck's daughter,

Sending prayers to Duke....wrapped in hugs, blessings and much gratitude for all he has given to the great people of this site. We love you Duke!


Great news on your FIL! Surgery is what we like to hear. I just wanted to say how much I admire all the research and the approach you took to his care. Way to be proactive and make things happen. Please keep us updated on his progress! Hugs and prayers to you and your family.


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So happy to see Dr. Rosenberg recognized for his amazing work. He is by far the most humble person I have ever met.

Thanks Julie.....I would like nothing more than to be posting more great results!! Soon, I hope.



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Dear Papawadsicle,

Welcome, and congratulations on shrinkage of tumors!!! It sounds like you have done your homework looking into targeted therapies. Please keep us informed as to what therapy you will be using and for what it will target. Hoping there will be surgery in your near future! Take care and please keep in touch.....hugs and prayers.

Dear Susan,

I would also like to welcome you here. Congratulations on 40% reduction! That is so inspiring! Please keep us posted of your results and details of your trial. I too have been in a trial for the past 3 years and always get so excited to hear of others doing well in other trials, because that just means more hope for the future of this disease!

I also hope you get a chance to meet up with the others in your area. There is such strength in numbers, and when you meet face to face it is such a strong connection that I feel it just adds so much power to your fight!

Keep in touch and take care.....hugs and prayers coming your way.


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Hang in there, it is hard, I know, but you got this!! Take your nap, eat your protein and keep winning the war on this cc.....we are all here for you, cheering you on! Hugs, prayers and tons of good thoughts coming your way!