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Just wanted to send prayers your way for absolutely great scans for your husband tomorrow! I will be thinking of you two. I would love to see that picture ....it sounds amazing! Take care and God Bless!
Melinda B.

Thanks for sharing Gavin....this is so great....HOPE for the future!

That is what I blame my diagnosis on....I grew up in Libby, Montana, one of the biggest asbestos exposures super fund sites in the states!....will never know for sure but definitely my gut instinct!


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Awesome news, more hope for the future!!

Looks really good.....saw my Dr. Rosenberg in the clip!

Dear Teresa,

I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. I will be praying for strength, comfort and peace for you and your family....hugs to you.

I am so glad you are seeking other opinions, Cleveland Clinic is a great place to start! It sounds like your father is a fighter! Please keep us posted of new outcomes and results of another opinion! Prayers for you and your father!

I did a search on our site under brain mets, this is one case I found....
http://www.cholangiocarcinoma.org/punbb … p?id=11757
it is very rare....but does happen. I am glad your wife had surgery and pray her recovery goes well. Thanks for keeping us updated, and please continue to do so!

What wonderful news! I love to hear good news and see stories of HOPE for others. Way to keep looking and fighting to find a great surgeon, you are an awesome patient advocate! Tell your husband to rest up and heal quickly from surgery, will be thinking of your both and please keep us posted!

Thanks for the update! Happy to hear cycle 24 and you are still going strong.....keep it up!


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Great news...I am so happy for you! Thanks for posting! Keep up the good work!

HI Callie,
Welcome to this site, sorry about your mom. I will be keeping her in my prayers for continued success. Please keep us posted on her progress and know that we are here to support you in any way we can. Hugs to you!


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Praying that the PET has absolutely nothing to light up! You are doing a great job seeking all the options out there. I am sorry that surgery isn't an option and that you are forced to do chemo before trials. Jumping through the hoops can be so frustrating. I did Gem/Cis for 6 months, Gem alone for awhile and then Taxotere for several months. My hope for you is that after 3 months of chemo, you will have a quick surgery (NO WHIPPLE) and be free of this burden forever!!! Please know that you are in my daily prayers...hugs.


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Please tell Taylor to keep up the positive attitude, it helps with this battle! Please don't give up hope and keep seeking as much information as you can. Please lean on us here...we are all here to help and support in any way we can. Sending hugs and prayers your way.

I will be thinking of you and saying an extra prayer for you. I am glad that whatever the pain is from they will be in there to take care of it ...one way or another it will be dealt with. You take care and heal well and just feel all the good thoughts and prayers headed your way!

Not sure what that means, but I am sending prayers for you and your son.....Melinda


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I am so happy it was a false alarm. I hope your pain has disappeared along with the anxiety! Great news for a super great person!
Love and hugs,


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So happy for all the good news!!! Please enjoy your trip...you both deserve the time to relax, enjoy and think only happy thoughts!! So happy for you!!


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Hi Amy,
I am glad you are here.....the support is like no other! Please lean on us and know that we will be here to support both you and Matt. You are both in my prayers!

Oh my goodness!!! What an amazing conference! I was so in awe of all the brilliant minds in one room, I felt smarter for just being near them!! What HOPE!! It gave me so much hope for the future to see the enthusiasm and momentum created at this conference....to know that these brilliant minds are willing to put forth the effort to make a difference in research and treatment for all Cholangiocarcinoma patients!!

I was so happy to finally get to meet in person Marion, Stacie, Rick, and Donna. Thank you guys for all you do for all of us!! .....and of course all the volunteers that I didn't even know were behind the scenes of this group.....Rob, Laurie, Meg, Marie, Karen, Heidi, Barbara, Linda, Lauren....I know there are so many more I am forgetting to name.....you are all so awesome!

The part that was very special to me was getting to know three people who were there searching for answers for someone they love.....a husband for his wife, a mother for her son, and a wife for her husband. Their stories, like all of ours, are so full of love, emotion and fight. I also was so humbled of the stories of the family members who have lost a loved one. Pretty much every volunteer there had lost someone they love to this disease. They are now wanting to carry on the memory, legacy and love for their lost loved one, by helping others. So selfless, caring and kind!! I was so honored to be able to hear their stories and get to know each of them.

It was a blessing to be able to tell my personal cc story at the conference. As scared as I was, and as much as I dislike public speaking, I would do it again in a heartbeat in order to bring hope to others and awareness to the public. It was extremely important to me to put a face and a family to the statistics and numbers. It is my hope that I represented all of the patients of Cholangiocarcinoma....I did my best to lay it all out there, the good, the bad and the ugly!!

I was also able to meet Helen from AMMF, wonderful lady!

Love and prayers to all,


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Sandie....that is so awesome and I am so happy for you! Create  a million memories and enjoy!!

Thanks Catherine....I am going to get it right away!


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Congratulations on such a great milestone! I love the hope you bring to others and I agree wholeheartedly with all you say!! Keep up the good work and keep posting the great news!

Dear Sally,
Thanks for the update on your sister and I am so happy there was no growth. Continue to enjoy living life with her everyday and enjoy the next 3 months without chemo!!
Hugs and prayers,

Hi Vicki,
I hope that your scan went well and that your results are awesome! Work through all the options with Dr. Javle and know that it is good to have a couple of options to choose from! Thinking of you and sending prayers your way!!