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Dear Sharon,

I am so very sorry for the loss of your Phil. I hope and pray that you will have peace, comfort  and strength in time. Thank you for wanting to give to others who are going through what you have experienced. That is a priceless gift that only comes from the heart.

Thank you to your son in law for bringing awareness and running for Phil, how awesome!!

Love and prayers,


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I highly recommend the annual conference for all patients and caregivers that are able to make it. It is a great way to connect with fellow survivors and caregivers. There is no other feeling in the world when that connection is made.......one of a kind feeling for sure. At last year's conference many friendships were made and so many stories shared. It was super empowering to put faces to names and make a connection.

I am looking forward to another amazing conference this year and hope to see many of you there!


Wonderful news! So happy for the shrinkage and hope that you are feeling better with the other issues! Take care!


Absolutely great news Katrina!! So happy to hear of this!


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Dear Daisy,
I am so very sorry for the loss of your mother. Sending prayers for strength, peace and comfort.


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Dear Rangani,

I am so very sorry for the loss of your mother. Praying for strength, peace and comfort for you.


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I am so very sorry for the loss of your mother.  I will be praying for your strength, comfort and peace during this time. Sending much love and hugs to you.


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Hi Carole,

Just wanted to say that Neulasta kicked my butt too! I did better with the neupogen shots. After my experience with both, someone gave me advice to take a Claritan before shots and that would ease the side effects, you might want to ask your doctor about this.


You will rock this trial!!!!

Dear Tom and Ash,

Sending good thoughts, lots of prayers and big hugs that all goes well with the surgery and that the chemo will shrink tumors drastically! I am so glad you were able to speak with Dr. Javle, and have set forth another plan. One day at a time. Thinking of you.

Dear Boston guy,

Thanks for sharing about your mom and bringing more to the table as a physician and a son. Please keep us informed as to your mom's progress and how she does on the trial.

I am an almost 7 year survivor of Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma. I have had a resection, recurrence, chemotherapy treatments of Gem/Cis, Gem alone and then Taxotere, and for the past 4 years have had great response on an immunotherapy trial at NIH under Dr. Rosenberg.

Sending all my best,
Melinda Bachini

Dear Jack,

I am sending prayers for you and Diane for peace, comfort and God's strength to get you through this difficult time. I am glad you have hospice and that she is relatively without pain and is comfortable.

Thinking of you,

Here is a picture of our first day at the booth. Sorry I am late in responding.....ASCO was incredible! I had a great time with Barbara manning the booth and as always I love to see  Marion, Stacie, Donna and all the others! They all work so hard to further the goal of finding a CURE!!

Sending prayers, love and hugs your way! Hoping the side effects stay minimal and the results are amazing! Thanks for paving the way! Enjoy your summer sweet lady....everyday is a good day!!!!


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Glad you are home Kris....hopefully things will mellow out for you! Sending hugs!!


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Hoping and praying for great results with the Keytruda!!


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You go girl!! You got this! Sending lots of love and hugs!


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Dear Frank,

I am so sorry for the loss of your wife. Sending prayers for peace, comfort and strength to get through this difficult time.


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Dear Catherine,

All I can think of is how STRONG your family is! Wow so much to go through and you all seem to tackle it ....one thing at a time. Hoping and praying that all will be good for mom, dad and hubby! I am glad your daughter is home safe and sound. You take care dear Catherine, and know I am sending hugs and prayers your way.


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Sending hugs and prayers.


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Yes, that is right. Thanks Marion! They are doing everything as fast as they can to get everything and everyone back up and running! I am sure they will contact you Maria as soon as it is a go.


I also gained weight being on Gem/Cis combo. I think it was definietly a combonation of everything.....the steroids, chemo induced menopause messing with hormones, lack of energy to be as active as I once was, lack of sleep.......and of course my Reeses pnut butter cup diet didn't help either!!



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Great article! Nicely said and I agree whole heartedly with not forgetting to live life!!


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HI Cindy,
That is such great news! Could you post the link to your trial and where people could look into it at? Thanks for participating  in this trial and helping others to find hope!

Go Kris Go!!
Cheering for you, and keeping you in my prayers!