Thanks, Kris!  This is a very helpful and informative site. 

Hope you are doing better now that you're at home...



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Way to go, Kris!  I'm so incredibly happy for you!  I can only imagine how wonderful it feels to be back home w/ Hans and your kitties and all that is familiar to you.  Enjoy!!

Thanks, Pam.  We're waiting to hear from Mayo to see if it's approved.  What a blessing that would be!


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Hi slittle1127-

My Dad previously took gemzar+cisplatin and his scans did not show shrinkage right away either, but I don't think that that is uncommon.  Give it more time!  It definitely worked for my Dad over time!  Also, I know the numbers/prognosis can be daunting, but nothing is set in stone and everyone responds differently.  Remember that timelines are based on averages and your husband could be an outlier!!  Easier said than done, I know all too well.  Anyway, I hope he can get insurance coverage - soon.  Best wishes.

Has anyone had the good fortune of obtaining insurance coverage for nexavar?  If so, which insurance carrier covered it?  Anyone w/ medicare that has obtained approval?  How did you go about it?


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I've read a lot of your posts over the past 2 years...and I can certainly tell that you are one very special lady!  You are always so encouraging of others and I hope you know that you have so many people in your corner...lots and lots of prayers and good thoughts coming your way.  Good luck! 


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Thank you for your kindness and support!  I truly appreciate it!  The info from "Uptodate" was helpful...thanks PCL1029.  Do you happen to remember what year the study was published re:Gemzar+Xeloda (must be fairly recent)?  The results for sorafenib are encouraging as well...even if it was rats.  I wish it was covered by insurance - it's so darn expensive. 

Thanks again gang!

Hello!  I've been reading your posts now for about 2 years and have found much comfort and wisdom in them.  Thank you!  There is a wealth of information on this site....and wonderful people that I wish didn't need to fight this battle. 

The reason I'm posting now is because I have a question regarding treatment options for my father.  I have done a search on both treatment options, but I am curious as to whether anyone has tried both and what their experiences were.  Likewise, if anyone has any information on either of these alternatives, I would appreciate hearing from you!

Brief medical history:
My Dad is now 70 years old.  In Feb/Mar of 2008, my Dad was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma of the common bile duct at Mayo Rochester.  He underwent the whipple on 3/10/08 (Invasive grade 3 to 4 and node negative).  He had no follow-up chemo/rad. 

In June 2009, the cancer was thought to have recurred in 2 peripancreatic lymph nodes.  Dr. Nagorney agreed to go back in and resect these, however, biopsy showed hematomas and no neoplasm.  Biopsy of the pancreas showed invasive adenocarcinoma.  No resection completed.

Subsequently, my Dad did 6 weeks of radiation and 5-FU followed by ~8  months of Gem/Cis.  He tolerated it well for the first several months, but then was hospitalized 3-4x for a gram-negative infection. His blood counts were very low which forced him off of chemo in April 2010.

This summer he had 3 days of intense IRT which destroyed several small liver nodules.

Today, he has a 3 cm mass in the peripancreatic region which is occluding the SMV and splenic vein; ~1 cm lesion on his liver, small growing lesion on his lung, and a non-occlusive thrombus in the portal vein.

Going forward, the two options are:  Gemzar + xeloda vs. Nexavar (sorafenib). 

Does anyone have words of wisdom or personal experience to share?

Thanks so much in advance for your help!