Just saw this and have to add....YES to Lainy.  She is a tremendous support and positive Light for us and accepts us just where we are in this journey!


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Fantastic news and wonderful, too, that you are looking forward to starting a family.  Life DOES go on and good things in your future.  Thanks for sharing...


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Wonderful news, Randi!  Stop by with more good news in a year smile  That's exciting!


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Congratulations Julie on your new little grandson.  Over a month old by now!  Hopefully everyone is not too sleep deprived!  You are so lucky to live close by.


(12 replies, posted in Members' Cafe)

Congratulations!  Hope your husband's shingles clear up soon so he doesn't miss out on all the fun.  Enjoy every minute.  I leave April 7 to see my new grandson in Ireland..b. March 11.  Can't wait to meet him.

Looking forward to seeing your pics.



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I am just seeing your post.  I hope he has continued to heal and what good news that the resection was a success.


(41 replies, posted in Good News / What's Working)

Well your last post answers my question!  I guess you do live close, lucky you!  And you are certainly going to be involved in his life! smile  Let us know when he's here!


(19 replies, posted in Good News / What's Working)

Thanks for the congratulations!  I am going April 7 so I can join in the birthday celebrations for our granddaughter (new little one's big sister) who will be 6 years on April 9.   Even closer now for you Julie!  I hope you live closer to your grandchildren than I do mine!


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Julie…This is wonderful news!  I, too, have nodules in my lungs which have not changed since my surgery 4 1/2 years ago…. and we also share grand babies!  Mine was born March 11.  Wonderful to be here to enjoy!
Keep the good news coming!


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And my sweet new grandson was born one week ago today! 9 pounds, 8 ounces in Waterford, Ireland.   Seems to be in good health although there were concerns (hydrocephalus) in sonograms, but seems everything sorted itself out…scans in 3 weeks.  But he is beautiful and everyone (his 3 older brothers and sister) are delighted. He and I had a good Skype smile


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Wonderful news, Anne-Marie.   I hope you are enjoying a bit of Australia!    All visitors there that I know, love it!  Hopefully you are recovered from the surgery and getting on with life.


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Hi, Lisa,  You know i am THRILLED to hear the good news..you are a superstar!  We WILL talk soon, I promise!
xxoo K.


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May that "lightened load" continue to free you to enjoy all that you deserve.  Now it's time to make a box and decorate it with pictures of all the things you are going to do and enjoy and some symbols of what you will do to continue LIVING and ENJOYING life!  Keep us posted as you journey on.


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Have a wonderful trip to Oregon!  I know you will enjoy every minute (and not be deterred by the snow that seems to have hit the East this year smile!  Such great news about the CA19-9 marker!


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You are right.  I remember thinking I would never see 70, the youngest to die in my family (I'm the third out of four); that I wouldn't get to see my youngest make it even through middle school…my grandchildren would never know me.  It seems to be a whole grieving process and you are right,  It IS about family and friends.  I am grateful for every chance I have had to be with my 7 children and 6, almost 7, grandchildren.
I recently read on here about the way one man coped with the uncertainty..by being involved in helping others.  It gave him a sense of peace in doing this.   All of you on this board have given so much in support, it is truly amazing.  It's time for me to expand my circle that narrowed while I dealt with this ( the husband of a friend of mine called it a "dilemma "..fits, doesn't it?).

Kris, Happy Anniversary coming up!  Almost Valentine's Day anniversary smile


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Porter….sorry to hear you are going through another operation.  Will be thinking of you.  Have a friend who has just gone through her 3rd since original surgery..for scar tissue blockage.  I have had a lot of pain on and off, too, with scar tissue.  It's amazing that it continues to form and cause pain so long after surgery.  As others have said, you seem to be in good hands and you will get through this.  Sending lots of healing thoughts to you for a quick recovery.


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I had scan last week and CA-19-9 check…good news and 17.5 CA-19-9.  It is hard to believe it has been 4.5 years.  Dr. Pawlick said if the August scan is clear, I can go to once year.  As some one else posted recently, it is hard to think of having no reassurances for a year, but it is a toss up between that and the anxiety that goes with the scan!

It has been such a boost to go through all of this with you…such beautiful spirits and support for all.  I have recently read posts by people whose messages I had not seen over the past few years and am in awe of the courage and faith and hope that people have.  It has helped me in more ways than anyone could know.

And my 7th little grand baby is due in two weeks in Ireland and our 50th wedding anniversary on February 27.  I feel so blessed.

Much love to all of you on this same journey…...


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Wonderful news, Kris!  I understand about going longer..my doctor said if clear in July, I can go to every year!  I gasped.  He took it to mean I was unhappy to still have to have a scan.  I had to explain that I didn't know if my nerves could take going a full year without reassurances!  It is so hard to "let go."  But I am so glad to hear such good news for you all!

Just want to post an update.  Just had my 4 1/2 year scan..longest I have gone without a scan..6 months.  Clear, CA-19-9 at 19.5.  Have another scan at 5 years and if clear, I can go to yearly scans.  And yes, I, too, STILL look through the Good News section to stay positive!  I never thought I'd get to this point.  As with others, many good things have happened through these years and one of the best will happen at the end of February..another grandchild..number 4 for our Irish clan!
Thanks everyone for posting their good news.  I love it and I hope you will continue to post.


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And Lisa…even more good news for you today.  I am so happy to hear that all is well…except for that durn pain.  I wonder if others can chime in about the pain that seems to come and go..with intensity at times.  Have others experienced pain several years out from surgery?


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Five years is wonderful, Nancy.  Did you ever dare think?  You are really showing what perseverance can do!  Keep it up!  So happy to hear the news.



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Randi..it's so true about looking for nuggets of hope.  I am having my 6 month scan in two weeks so the old nerves are still there and active!  The one other thing I can't seem to shake is going to the dark place if I have an ache in my side or under my ribs. I have to do a lot of talking myself out being convinced that it has come back.   But it is a small price to pay for being well and enjoying the rest of my life.

This is the greatest support anyone could hope for.

Happy New Year, Everyone!


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Please DO give yourself a big WHOPEE..So glad to hear about the 5 year anniversary….Wonderful news to come back to!


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Steve…what did you all decide to do?   I chose not to do the chemo…had clear margins…jury was out about effectiveness.  It was a hard decision.  I am 4 years out!  Hope you are all well.  Let us know how you are doing.

So happy to hear your good news!  What a spirit!  Keep enjoying every minute….