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My sister has stage IV CC. She just turned 35. She was diagnosed last April. In June they told her she had six weeks to live. She is still alive. She made it through the holidays, our last together, her last with her two young children. This past month her body keeps filling with fluid and she has to have her abdomen drained every other week. Her kidneys are also hurting her. I'm not sure what this means, but I know it cannot be good. She is going to see her oncologist. I just hate this. She is keeping a positive attitude. We are all still in shock of her even having cancer. My prayers go out to everyone in this family. I ask that God bless us all with comfort and faith.


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My sister is 34 with 2 kids. They told her she had at best 6 weeks to live. That was June. She is still with us and going strong. Prayers are what do it. I will pray for comfort and clarity for your father and your family.


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I am so sorry to hear about your sister. Sisters have a special bond that cannot be replicated or replaced. My sister also has stage IV CC. She is not expected to live through the holidays, though she is sure she will. She turns 35 in a few weeks. I try and cherish every moment I have with her. She is my only sibling and we, too, are very close. I dread the day I have to say goodbye to her. I understand when you say you feel part of you has been ripped away. It's because part of you has. Rely on your friends and family to help your heart heal. I have found much comfort on this discussion board. It helps to have people there for you who TRULY know your pain. From one sister to another, my prayers and my heart go out to you.


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This is such a tough time. It is a blessing for your mum to have such a loving family. I send my prayers and a million giant hugs to you and your family. She is a brave warrior and so are you.


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Thank you everyone for your comforting words. They do bring peace to my heart and dry my tears. I know I will be with her again.


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I know it won't be long now before my sister is gone. She turns 35 next month. This will be our last Thanksgiving together. She can no longer care for her two young kids and her ex-husband came to get them last night. They were all crying. This is so hard.


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Hello jadams, I just joined this group last week. My sister (34) was diagnosed with stage IV last April. She had NO signs. She went to the doctor in December for chest pain and because she felt tired all of the time. The doctor told her she had heartburn (it was actually the cancer eating holes in her sternum) and that she was depressed. She went into urgent care in April because a lump hand formed on her sternum from the cancer. They took an x-ray and told her she was full of cancer, she had an MIR and CT scan, 3 weeks later she was told she had 4-6 weeks to live. She is still alive. She has been getting treatment at the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Zion, IL. They are wonderful there and very positive. Chemo has been hard on her, but she still has much quality of life. This summer we went to Seattle and watched the Mariners play. She did just fine. If she had hair, you would not know anything was wrong with her. It is devastating. Just remember, no one can put a number on your life. No  one here on earth knows when it is your time to go. My sister should have been passed on in July and she is still here. I feel fear, anxiety, and depression are constantly knocking at my door. Do everything you can to keep them out.


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My sister is 34 and is a single parent to a 7 year old boy and an 8 year old girl. She was diagnosed in April and in June they gave her 6 weeks to live. Here it is October and she is still alive. She struggles also with how much should she tell her children. My niece asked me several months ago in private if her mother was going to die. I didn't know what to say, so I smiled, gave her a hug, and reminded her how much her mother loves her. I pray for strength for you and your wonderful family.


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Bob, I cannot express to you how grateful I am that you are doing so well. I pray you live a long, healthy life.


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Thank you for your support. It means so much to me. I am grateful for this website and I no longer feel so alone. However, I feel as though there is a dark cloud over me and has been there since her diagnosis. Two months ago it was beginning to dissipate. I truly thought she was going to pull through. Perhaps I was in denial. I'm beginning to believe that it is in God's plan to take her. I spoke with her yesterday and she sounded strong. She told me she found a burial spot by other family members. Now the dark cloud is back. I can't even imagine what she is going through, though I think about it daily. How hard it would be to look into my own children's eyes and know soon I would no longer be there to guide them and love them. It's heart wrenching and unfair. Please let me know what others do to help combat depression and anxiety. It seems unrelenting.


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My sister was diagnosed with stage 4 CC April 20, 2010. She is 34 years old and has two children (7 & 8). She is my only sibling and my best friend. She has been going to CTCA since June. They told her over the weekend she needs to get her affairs in order. The cancer is continuing to spread. It is in her lungs, liver, pancreas, pelvis, liver and has eaten nearly all of her sternum away. I truly hate cancer. She is a single mother and when she passes, her two beautiful children will go to her horrid ex-husband. This is a terrible disease and my heart goes out to all of those who have family/friends who are currently going through this or have lost someone dear to them. My sister continues to keep a positive attitude and brings all she has to the table each day to fight for her life. I still pray daily for a miracle.