Hello everyone and thank you! Thank you so much for all for your kind words, help, and prayers.  The doctors told us today that it is for sure cancer.  With that they said that her CA 19-9 test come back at 45.5 and the CEA at .4.  I honestly do not know much about what that is telling us at this point.  They said the next step to to have another endoscope test that is in part a ultrasound to loot at the tissues surrounding to see if cancer is located anywhere else.  Then they said surgery will follow that.  They told us they will remove her gal-bladder (even though it is not infected)  and preform some type of surgery. 
   We are located in DesMoines Iowa and i am at school only 30 min. away from that.  One of my sisters is away for two months for work and the other is not much of the caregiver role although she means well. 
    The part that makes all this so much harder is that my grandmother (who also raised me with my mother) had passed a little less than 4 months ago from a very sad battle with breast cancer.  Sometimes i wonder why the lord thinks that my tinny family of girls can handle off of this cancer? We are all very strong but sometimes life does not seem fair!


Thank you so much for your kind word and support!  We were told that the tumors we found underneath the Y part in the bile ducts. They told us that the liver was not affect and that it was type 2 Klatskin tumors. ( although i do not understand what that means). They also told me that she would be a good candidate for surgery. We go tomorrow to meet with the same doctor who preformed her endoscope test last week to figure out exactly what is next.  We found out she had this because she was diagnosed with jaundice. She is very healthy and never had a fever or pains, just a little discomfort. 

Thanks again for the support, as i know i will need it!


Hello all,

My name is Adrianna and i am 21 years old and am currently a senior is Iowa State University.  Just about a week about my mother was told that she had Klatskin tumors.  I am the youngest of three girls who are all raised by only my mother!  I am trying to do all i can to stay strong for her however i do not know too much about all of this.  First and foremost, i am trying to find a good doctor who specializes in Klatskin tumors!