Dea fatherson, please email me I'm going thru exact same thing you are going

Thanks for all your support! He will be operated on at ucla with the world renowned surgeon named dr busutill.


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Found out today that he is still a candidate for whipple after putting it off for 6 months! I'm exited and scared at the same time.

My dad was initally diagnosed in April 2010 and opted not to have the sugery (he was a candidate) and opted not to have chemo/radi.  He seeked holistic therapy and it's been working since the disease hasn't progressed too far since April.  We seeked another surgical consultation for resection today and he is indeed a candidate for resection.  The surgeon explained that he would perform a lap via making two small incision to investigate the site since the CT fails to detect everything and if he sees that his disease is indeed resectable, he'd go ahead with the whipple procedure.  It's amazing that he is still a candidate for a surgery even after 6 months post dx without chemo and radiation.  I'm donating my blood so that he can receive my blood during sugery if he needs it.  I give on a regular basis and we are a match! I'm just glad that I can help in any way possible for my dad. 

Best wishes to everyone!

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I would like to form a supportive cc group locally...
Best wishes to everyone!

Hi, my dad was diagnosed with CC in April 2010.  During his first ERCP/stent placement, Dr performed a biopsy via brushing and pathology report showed atypical cells suspicious of adenocarcinoma.  The result was not definitive.  Per Dr, it's probably because it was a brushing not a piece of actual sample, it often times doesn't come out as definitive.  In Oct, he had another biopsy performed while he was having his stent replaced and the result was the same.  How did you all get diagnosed with CC?  Please share your experience!  Thanks.....


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Thanks to everyone for all the caring messages!  And no, I'm not upset lainy!  I really appreciate your advice..I do wish that my dad would have decided on whipple when he was a candidate and I feel like I've made a huge mistake for not convincing him to have the surgery...I might regret and feel guilty for the rest of my life.  I think My dad would have listened to me as he trusts my judgment, but at the time, we both felt that healing naturally was the way to  go...gerson does not work for everyone, but it was a gamble we took...and who knows? Maybe he wouldn't have tolerated the surgery or have recurrence shortly  after?  We would never find out.  Only thing I can do right now is support him and try to find the best possible treatment for him without compromising quality of his life.  Just like nancy has mentioned, there's no right or wrong way to go about fighting this's a personal decision.  Please don't feel like you're offending me in any way when you offer suggestions and posting comments.  I really appreciate everyone's replies.  Nancy, I'm very sorry about your beloved son John.  I'm sure he's very proud of you.  Gerry and lainy's husband, congrats on your way to recovery!  Thanks everyone for all the support! 

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Hello, everyone...It's nice to find all the CC supporters and fighters!!
My dad was Dx'd with CC in the common bile duct n Apr 2010.  He is 66yrs old.  At the time, he was a candidate for whipple and he opted not to have the surgery and chemo and decided to head down to mexico in Tijuana for gerson therapy.  I've been doing a lot of research on curing cancer with nutritions before my dad got sick and he wanted to heal himself naturally.  Since his return from mexico (he stayed for 2 weeks) he's been hospitalized twice for infection.  He had plastic stent placed intially at the time of dx then had a plastic covered metal mesh-like stent placed.  Last CT on Oct showed that the stricture had gottened longer from this liver to his pancreas.  My dad is suspecting that this is related to his infection.  Doctors are saying his alt therapy is failing and cacer is spreading.  My dad's only option in dr's perspective is only chemo at this time.  My dad is refusing chemo and has started to take ginseng roots and mistle toe injections (one that suzanne summers took) along with his gerson protocal.  My dad is currently feeling very well other than some mild bloating that is torerable.  I'm an RN (for 8 years, not an oncology nurse though) and I respect and support his decisions.  It's very hard to see my dad go through this as he was a marathon runner and a finisher of 35 full marathons right up until time of his dx.  I'm hoping for a miracle and my dad is 100% confident that he will beat this.  He is reading the book  called "secret" and putting it into practice everyday.  His full retirement is Oct next year and I'm just hoping and praying that my dad will be around for a long time.  I'm hopeful/positive but at the same time, I find myself preparing for the the worst.  As a nurse, I've seen many devastating ilnesses and lives ending, but I realize now that you just don't know how this feels like until you experience it yourself as a family memeber not as a medical professional.  This experience has put my nursing profession in a different perspective.  All the CC family members and fighters, Let's be strong!  Cancer is something you can learn to live with....without destroying it.