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Kristin K. Jurgens, "devoncat" to this forum, died last night.

Your thoughts, hopes and prayers ment the world to her. Right till the end she always lit more than one candles, and one was allways for one of you.

She died in a small German cancer clinic, where the last news she had about her treatment had been hopefull. She never lost hope, nore the will to live. "When you have such a great life as I have, it makes you greedy for more", as she told the doctors.

She was 36.

For the caterpillar it is the end.
For the butterfly it is the beginning.

Wonderful, wonderful news.


In the morning, Hans and I are headed to a clinic outside of Frankfurt where they practice hyperthermia. Basically they are going to heat up my tumor and why it is weak (and hopefully in partial death from the heat) they are going to give me chemo. This will hopefully attack the tumor stronger. There was another treatment at the hospital in Frankfurt that I was interested in, but I am too weak so my oncologist said no. We will see if perhaps this treatment will work enough so I dont need anything more.

So it is a long day tomorrow. Leave Kalmar by train  at 8 am to copenhagen then fly to frankfurt and arrive at 4 pm. Got the good drugs packed so perhaps I will not remember this journey!

I will be gone 20 days so my log on will be spotty. So take care and have a wonderfuol service Lainy.


It sounds beautiful Lainy. And think of all of us who would like to come, but cant. You both made a difference in all of our lives.



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I have the same problems and have special compression socks that really do help. I would mention this to the doctor since this was the first sign for me that I was having those types of problems and before I knew it I had ascites. It all cleared up with medicine, but it is something to keep your eye on.



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I am sorry for the passing of your father, but you have already learned he will always be with you.


We like to call those slow ones "lazy" tumors. Mine were lazy until I tried radiation which the tumprs ate like baseball players on steroids.

You never know how your tumor will respond to things, so you cant blame yourself. CC is sneaky and you can only try.\



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That is wonderful Lainy. I think I will follow Hans around the house leaving the kitty litter scoop places so he will remember to take care of the little ones.



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I dont know what to say. It all just seems wrong when you are talking about a family and a love like yours and Teddy's.

Know that you are in my heart and prayers and if I could reach you I would give you the biggest hug.



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I am so sorry they are not responding to Ts needs. I could really have a big bout of potty mouth right now. My hospice team just left me about  20 1G (yeah the good stuff) tylonal. I could sneak it to you...it is in suppository form so you could give T a good pinch while you are at it. I can always ask for more...the drugs they have me on make me forget where my feet are.

Hopefully things got straightened out today. Hugs, prayers and warm thoughts,


Hi Marj,
Welcome to the site.I would strongly suggest your mother get into the hospital if she has been vomiting for several days. Her electrolytes are most likely all off and that can be a real problem. It can affect steadiness on feet, heart rythms and confusion.



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Welcome to the site.We are a close group and do our best to offer support and information. This disease does not follow one path and until we know which path it wants to take, it is difficult to answer questions. Generally, you will notice your dad getting more and more tired.

He is going to need help as this progresses. What kind of help is hard to say. Are they going to try to do an external drain instead of a stent?

Let us know what is happening and we will do our best to advice and support.



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You and Teddy are in my thoughts and prayers. My love and respect for the two of you is endless.



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Everyone heals in their own time. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Be kind to yourself. I think my mother is crazy half the time too which only leads to giggles and misadventures. Perhaps that is what you need.



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Please pass on our heart felt condolences.


My husband went down to 25% for a month and found that too stressful. He felt he could not focus and was not doing a good job. He is now not working at all. We are lucky in that Sweden has very generous social care packages. We are not sure where I am in this process, but we know we want to spend some time together when it is still quality time.



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I am sorry for your loss.You will find the strength to get through this.

Hugs and prayers to you and your family.



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Sending a big smile smile for a positive report.



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I am so sorry for your loss. CC is a devasting disease and your mom fought as long and as hard as she could. Hopefully as time passes, you will remember her as she was before cancer.

Hugs and prayers to your family.



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I bet she just needed that sleep. I rarely sleep through the night and get up and make noise (Hans says I moan, but I completely deny that!). Then one night, I sleep straight through for no apparent reason. But it is really good!



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What amazing pictures. Everyone looks great. Hugs to the family.


Ask your doctor about steroids. Not only to they give you energy, they makee you SO hungry. I put on over 15 pounds while on chemo because those steroids gave me the munchies 24/7.


Love and hugs to you and Teddy. I wish there was more I could do.



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14 pounds equals a stone

If the juandice was caused by infection, yes it can clear up with the infection.

Eggs are easy to digest as well as soup. I have no idea why custard (YUM) would be easy except that I bet it liquifies in the stomach so it might be easy to pass. My doctor said (when I still could eat) that foods that dissolved easily in water were easy to digest...for example mashed potato, crackers, ice cream, soup,  etc.