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Well we saw doctor and the sample from her stomach was clear and the scan didn't show anything but they think the cancer has got slightly bigger and they presume her fluid retention is because cells are lining her abdomen and not allowing her stomach to absorb it.she has now been started on abrazane and has high hope of this working which we should find out ourselves as the fluid will go away.she is very positive and excited about what this treatment may do for her so fingers crossed it does its job.


(7 replies, posted in Introductions!)

Hi All,

I am posting on behalf of my mum (as she is not computer literate), she was diagnosed in April 2009 with intrahephatic (I think is it called) Cholangiocarninoma. Her surgeon Dr Lynch at Mater Hospital Brisbane was 70% sure that he could renove the two spots one located near the portal vein & the other in the right lobe of the liver. However the surgery was unsuccessful as he could not seperate the cancer from the portal vein as it was closer to the vein than the scans have shown. He also said she has small spots on her diaphram. He said her only option was chemo which will never cure her and unless the cancer shrinks enough to not even appear on a scan he will not re-attempt surgery. So mum started chemo approx 10 weeks after he stitched her up, she started on Gemzar and was on that until June 2010 when her kidney function became increasingly worse & they kept her in hospital for 2 mths until it improved. She then was started on 5FU in September 2010 which she has been receiving since. However since she started receiving this chemo she has been bloating in the legs and belly she will bloat then it will go away & then come back, she also has to stick to a very bland diet to ensure she doesnt upset her stomach otherwise she is up all night in agony. Last week she had a scan still without using contrast as her kidneys are not 100% recovered and the cancer appeared unchanged however her oncologist Dr Mackintosh (also from Mater Hospital Brisbane) said that he thinks something else may be doing on such as the cancer on the move or the tumours playing up as its strange after 2 weeks of having a break from chemo she is still bloating its not getting worse but its there. So tonight she has a CT/Pet scan which will show a clearer picture if any cancer cells are floating around as the fluid taken from her stomach was clear of cancer. I also should add her cancer did shrink quite significantly in the beginning on the Gemzar. She is now considering spending $15000 to try a new drug still in the "test" phaze as there has been some success with that however the costs is quite significant when there is no guarantee it will work.

I would be happy to hear from anyone elses side effects from using 5FU and if anyone had a problem using Gemzar & any other chemo treatments that anyone has tried and has success with.

My mum is only 49 and I would like to think there is something out there that will ensure she is with us for many years to come. So far she has gone through chemo with minimal side effects but then hit a brick wall with major issues such as the kidney problem and now this bloating which I really hope is not the cancer playing up.