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My mother in law had cc 4 1/2 years ago. It was surgically removed along with about 1/2 of her liver. She had a scan, to be her last scan, 2 months ago. It had been a year since her last scan and the most recent detected a tumor. It is about golf ball sized and trapped right in the middle of her remaining liver. It is close to the portal vein. They did a chemo embolization and it actually shrunk it some. She just finished lung and bone scans and they came back clean. The doctor said she is a candidate for liver transplant and wants to send her to Barnes in St. Louis to see a doctor there. She told me tonight that she wants to wait. She is stage 4 but has no symptoms yet. I am worried that she will wait till it is no longer an option...... She is strong and healthy now but it is her fight and decision. I want to get her on this sight to talk to some of you but she does not want details of her condition and this is too close to home. God bless you all in your struggles with this condition.