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many prayers molly. stay prayed up and god will heal.



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blogging actually helped me get through long days and nights. it also touched a side of me i never knew i had and prompted me to write a book in honor of my mother and our time before she passed. i have a few excerpts of what i have so far under the category "The Beautiful Tragedy". www.MyLadyComplex.com

Lainy, I am praying for you and your family. stay strong and patient. smile

Lainy, my mother did the same. They say its natural for someone to do this as they are dying. I would catch my mother gazing, I just thought of it as her looking at her new place in heaven. She also said that her dad would come to see her. Try not to question there thoughts, my mom took it as insult like we thought she was crazy. lol. its a beautiful thing.


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Hey everyone! I lost my mother in 2008, 6 months after diagnosis. It was rough for myself as a 20 something year old and its rough now. I would like to offer my personal support to anyone looking for a shoulder from someone who has been there. smile

Been needing to do this for a while. It could be therapy for all of us.