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Hi Everyone,

I have been avoiding introducing myself with the hope that the doctors got it wrong.  My mother was diagnosed with cc April 25th 2007, a klatskins tumor in the bile duct is what they advised they had found after she had lost lots of weight, turned yellow and had terrible itching.  A resection of the bile duct and part of the liver was planned for  20th of May, however once they went in they found the tumor had spread and they promptly stitched her back up and gave us the dreaded news.
We waited nearly 2 weeks to meet with the oncologist only to be given the news that the results of the biopsy that had been taken during surgery at one of the lymph nodes came back as negative - not cancer, in fact fibrosis.  she went on to explain that sometimes the fibrosis surrounds the cancer and perhaps they didnt' take enough sample at the time.  She then ran immunology tests and did some tumor markers, again, this has come back as negative.  Yesterday Mum went in to have the temporary stent replaced with a metal one and they have now found that she will need two stents, one on the left and right side of the bile duct.  they have taken samples from the bile duct to test and we wont know anything for a week with regards to whether it is definitely cancer.  Has anyone here had any experiences like this? 
Despite this rollercoaster, my mother remains strong and remarkably positive.

We are in Sydney, Australia and she is being treated at RPA. 

thank you in advance