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Thank you both very much.  We recently lost my mamaw(grandma) in September and she handled that very well.  She knew she was in Heaven and not hurting anymore.  She will know the same for her papaw.  I will definitely visit this site often.

Lainy, I am so sorry for your loss and commend you for being such a trooper and reaching out to others.  Godspeed!


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Thank you Lainy and my name is Amy.  He is being treated at ParkWest Hospital in Knoxville, Tn and will be going home tomorrow, however I cannot remember the name of the oncologist he has decided to take this journey with. I've been a bit of a basket case and can't remember much of anything right now. When I get the correct group I will post.  This has been such a shock to our family but we are a strong & close family, so we will continue on. 

The hardest part right now is not telling my 8 yr old daughter, his only grandchild.  He is her world & vice versa.  He doesn't want her to know anything until we know the exact treatment plan, side effects, etc.  Does anyone on here have any advice on how children deal with this and what's the best way to tell them what's going on?  I'm sure we will have to tell her sooner rather than later.  They spend every Sunday afternoon together. 

Again so very thankful for this extended family.


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Hello all!  I was searching the interent to try & find some positive thoughts concerning CC. And I found this wonderful site.  About a month ago my dad started having some stomach problems and thought it was the medication he had been taking for aome slipped discs in his neck.  Jaundice began about a week ago, Monday he was admitted to the hospital where they discovered a tumor that looks to be in his bile duct by CT scan. Also lymph nodes swollen. Today he received his diagnosis of carcinoma.  The doctors still are not completely sure where the cancer originated and not certain if it is in the bile duct or pancreas.  He will be seeing an oncologist Dec 21 to get a "game plan" together. 

I am thankful to have found this support group.  He is being very positive and I am trying to be as well.  He is 62 and up until 2 weeks ago, thought in the best health ever.  Just 8 weeks ago, had complete physical and complete bill of health. He is honestly one of my best friends and thankful for a place to come to when I need a little support.

Prayers and thoughts with you all!