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I am sorry for your loss, I lost my dad on May 19th as well.  My mother wishes he would have made it out of the hospital like yours, but in the end it all just plain sucks.  Stay strong and always remember how great a person he was to you.

After a month-long battle with all sorts of serious complications from
his bile duct tumor surgery (ascites tat becaem infected, anastomosis bleeding, pancreatic juice leakage, friable tissues leading to more bleeding, eventual fluid imbalance, blood pressure drops & liver function deterioration) my father had passed away as an inpatient in the ICU.  The medical staff were so impressed by my dad's vigor and stamina, but in the end, it was all just too much for him to continue to endure.  My mom, sister & I were there for the final 24 hours of his life.  He confirmed that he was ready to go willingly and suffer no more.  We do not blame the surical team nor the hospital staff; I believe my dad was an unlucky statistic of the 5-10% mortality risk and 15-20% complication risk pool.  Were in the process of reviewing what went wrong but it will not bring him back.  Contributions to this oranization were made in my father's name.

Will do; 13 hour operation & he is recovering nicely i the ICU!

It's 5:05PM.  My dad went in around 7:30, 1st incision around 9.  Surgeon came out around 3:45PM  & said the whipple is done, but the duct leading into the liver had a lot of cancerous growth.  We decided to push forward and remove the affected portion of the liver.  The risk of fatal complications double, but he said it's about 5% now vs. 2.5% as before.  HR, BP, vitals are solid.  Will report back.

Well, April 15th is coming near, and not for tax day.  My dad has a new surgeon, Chief of Liver Transplant Sx at Weill-Cornell, Dr. Daniel Cherqui.  He is a positive, nurturing physician.  Dr Kluger is an assistant surgeon, with a team of fellow and residents to help. 

We are hoping ince the affected portion of the bile duct is removed, the path results will tell Dr. Cherqui if the liver or pancreas are affected.  This will dictate the rest of the procedure (resections/Whipple, roux-n-y).  Upon discharge, we'll prob. do home care rehab (my mom will be taking FMLA for a month) and get him better.

Michael Eleff will be our choice for a medical qoncologist following my father for Dr, Cherqui.

I'll be sure to give updates during the process, any pointers would be great!



nur1954:  Thanks for the suggestion.

Well, the good news is that my dad is recovering fine.  He'll have more tests done in the next 2 days (another ERCP) to see if the pancreas is involved and diagnosed as cancerous.  All this means is that he'll prob. go back under the knife within 3 months.  Frustrating. 

Anyway, thanks for the support everyone!

Thanks Lainy.  So far, no one has come out & said that my dad has cancer.  Only highly suspicious cells.  Originally it was thought to be a bile duct tumor.  No tumor evident upon exploration. You're right, too much ambiguity...

Suron told my sister & mother that the bile duct did nt have a tuor associated as previously thought, but the pancreas was so inflamed that he had to abort any thoughts of a whipple for safety's sake.  The Chief of Liver transplant surgery was consulted & agreed.  So, this means that 3 days rest, then another ERCP, and then we'll go from there. 

He recommends that if today's biopsy results are positive for cancer, we go for chemo there vs. closer to home.  I don't think this will be confortable for my dad.  Thoughts?  What's the cycle generally like?  Ultimately it's my dad's choice where to go for chemo, right?

Pops went in for a cholangiocarcinomectomy an hour ago at NY Presbyterian Hospital Cornell (Dr. Michael Lieberman).  He may have part of his pancreas, sm. intestine, gall bladder, and part of his tomach re-sectioned. We're hoping that it is a clean localized tumor.  Keep your fingers crvossed for us!

Thank you.  We just got the biopsy results, and cytology confirmed cancer cells.  The plastic stent that was put in the bile duct this past weekend really helped my dad's jaundice & bilirubin go back down.

Thanks Kim.  I read about him in the NYT; he had a 37 hour surgery recently.  We have an appt. with Derick Christian on Thursday who came back from a year-long fellowship in CC tumor excision in Europe & Michael Lieberman of NY Pres Weill-Cornell on Friday...  Thanks Marion, I've been reading that thread.

Hi everyone,

I posted in the main forum but thought I'd post here too.  My dad is presumed to have CC via MRCP & ERCP this past weekend.  I was with him all weekend at the hospital and the GE successfully implanted a stent.  His cytology results will come back on Wed, but 3 GEs think it's CC right now.

He has an appt. with Derick Christian who operates at St. Francis in Trenton this week.

As a back up, I'm trying to find some good local surg. oncs in NJ before
I branch out to NY & CT.  My dad needs a surgeon (preferably who accepts reimbursement through Medicare Secure Horizons). 

I've found Carpizo & August @ Robert Wood Johnson Cancer Center.

Any others?

Thanks to all who responded in my embedded post & sorry for the hijack OP,


I'm trying to find some good local surg. oncs in NJ before
i branch out to NY & CT.  My dad needs a surgeon (preferaably who accepts reimbursement through Medicare Secure Horizons).  He has an appt. with Derick Christian who operates at St. Francis in Trenton this week.

I've found Carpizo & August @ RWJ Cancer Center.

Any others?



Hi everyone.  I never thought about joining this board until today.  I was in the hospital for 2.5 days caring for my jaundiced, pain-free dad.  Short & swqeet- the scans and ERCP show a tumor blocking the duct, hence his high bilirubin & yellow appearance.

Cytology will be available on Wed, but all 3 different GEs practically gave their apologetic condolences.  Surgery is next for dad, and I hope we can remove it w/o finding much damage.

cholangiocarsinoma sucks.

How did y'all find your specialist surgeons?  Any trials we could enroll him into?

Thanks, and I am sorry for your losses too.  For the survivors and thrivers, you are rock gods!