Forgot to respond to the question as to where her tumor is located - it is in the caduet ? I'm sure I have it wrong. They did mention cyber knife, but size is currently too large for that. So, we are trying to shrink it first, and we have conflicting advice: some dr.s say embollization and some dr's say i.v. chemotherapy. Even in the chemotherapy dept. we have conflicting info - some dr's say to try gemzar and oxaliplatin; other dr's say just the gemzar. I am so scared we will make the wrong decision! Which is why we are going in to Sloan in January. Any advice would be much appreciated..... Thank you all !

Thank you for your warm welcome ! My mom is scheduled to meet w/ a medical oncologist at Sloan Kettering in NYC in early January. Does anyone have any info. about the folks there ?

Ashley, Congrats on your mom's results. That's wonderful and encouraging news! Can you tell me what worked for your mom ? I too am afraid of losing my best friend...Thanks!

Wonderful news Kathy! Can I ask what worked for you ? My mom is newly diagnosed, and we are trying hard to find our way.... Thank you for any advice you could lend.

Hi Cinnimin - What worked for your Dad ?

My 79 yr. old mom is recently diagnosed w/ CC and we have seen several doctors with various recommendations: embollization, intravenous chemo. Am wondering if anyone has any advice re: either treatment option. Her tumor is 7 cms. Am grateful to have found this website, and would welcome any help. Thank you and god bless.