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Wow Kris!! What great, inspiring news!


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Hi Tiffany,

I just started GTX and your post is inspiring! Hope you are doing well. Just finished second round. The steroids are keeping me 'up' for now! I find I am craving carbs which is completely different than my last chemo when I couldn't eat anything!

I truly wish for your good health.

Positive Attitude


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Thanks for the quick response!!

My best Tiffany and your family. I will look at posting now.

Positive A.

Such good news!!


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Mazel! Such good news for all of us. Thank your for sharing!!!


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Hi everyone!

Sending you all warm and positive thoughts.

I was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, with mets to lungs two years ago. Thank G-d for today I am doing very well.

I started out on Cisplatin/gemzar and was taken off after six months as I was told it could not stay on it too long then went to Carbolatin/gemzar. When that was not effective, I went on to FOLFIRINOX which worked for a year until my tumor started to grow.  I was nauseous (silver lining - lost weight!) on FOLFIRINOX but no hair loss.

Now I am on GTX. I was told I would lose hair because of Taxotere but still OK on day 12. Side effects are chills and craving carbs.  Is anyone else on this regimen?

Hope the best of health for all.
Pos. Att.


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I was just told by my doctor that I will start treatment with FOLRINOX for a tumor in the bile duct that spread to the lungs. I was diagnosed a little over a year ago, and was treated with gemzar/cisplatin, then gemzar/carboplatin and  the tumors in lungs started growing so I will now start with FOLFIRINOX.  I am also interested in any others being treated with this protocol.

mary's son -- how is your mom doing?


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Hi everyone --
I was diagnosed a year ago, at 56,  and thankfully doing well on Carboplatin and Gemzar, two weeks on and on off.  Was originally on Cisplatin. I have an inoperable tumor met. to the lungs. Although tumor may not go away, I can live normally as long as it stable. I have not come across anyone in my area (northern Westchester, NY) with bile duct cancer - so I appreciate this Web site.  I am looking forward to many more birthdays and hope the same for all of you!!!


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Bob - You give hope to all of us!!


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Great news Cinnamin -- wishing your Dad continued success!!


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Andy -- I am new to this site and am thrilled with your story! It really is inspiring!

Great news!!! I am newly diagosed and determined to survive many, many years.
Best wishes.