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My husband was diagnosed with cc in the bile duck, isolated, resectable, v small tumour in April 2010. he had an operation on July 1, 2009 and was told that the prognosis was very good. In April 2010 he began to experience indigestion symptoms when on holiday and after eating fatty food he was not used to. He had a CT Scan which was normal but same symptoms continued on and off which became worse when on holidays. By the end of September he was admitted to hospital and after three endoscopies and several scans he was told
he had an obstruction, scar tissue from the operation which eventually led to an
operation in order to by pass the stricture. The operation was one on Nov 3, When he was told that the cancer had returned and there is nothing they can do.He finds it extremely hard to cope with the prognosis and the idea that he was told that "he needs to get used to the idea of dying"... I have read A lot about the body-mind medicine and we have consulted an integrated medicine doctor. That experience was a positive one but my husband is now having a lot of doubts regarding the stove or complementary practices. He is a medical doctor and it is difficult for him to open up on new ideas. The oncologist is pushing towards chemo (but cannot remember the names of the drugs) which mostly do not work and if they do will prolong his life at the end bynthree months. He is not readied to make this decision. In fact he seems lost regard g everything including fighting even if he may have a small chance to survive or live with the cancer. Could anybody help us with some different ideas or suggestions?

Many thanks...

2010 and three days later the surgeon told him that the cancer was back and it was a tumour mass under the scar tissue in the deodinum and this was the reason it was not showing in the scan. He also said that there is nothing they can do and whatever wil happen will happen. the gastroenterologist and the oncologist told him that it is a rare toe of cancer, they don't know much about it and so there is nothing they can do so he must get used to the idea of dying! he oncologist told him that he can have chemo which, if it will work, it will give him an extra three months at end...however there is nothing else they can say. He is shock and talks very little... I researched the Internet and read quite a bit about the body-mind medicine that involves a special diet alkaline diet, supplements, mediation, accupuncture, yoga, visualisation exercises and physical fitness (walking, running, etc). We have actually had a consultation with an integrated medicine doctor, who is a qualified general medicine practitioner with 25 years expediente with cancer patients. My husband has another  scan on January 26, 2011 in order to look for any spread. He feels confused regarding the chemo and under a lot of pressure to make a decision himself. We live in the UK and the oncologist is in our regional hospital with little experience on this type of cancer. Is there anyone who can help us with any alternative ideas?

He began taking the supplements and followed the special diet for three weeks but he is now having doubts about continuing with the body-mind medicine. I don't know how to help him because he refuses to even think about anything I suggest including getting second and medical opinions. Even though I am not in denial of the medical opinion, I still believe that we need to look at what they do elsewhere and consider all the recommendations of the body-mind medicine.