Thank you all for the support and advice.  We ended up taking her to the Oncologist who sent her to the ER since her blood pressure was low and her temp was 103.  In addition to the CC, she is anemic.  We think it may have been a combination of not eating enough and low hemoglobin levels.  They kept her overnight and gave her fluids and a tranfusion and have been giving her potassium and magneseum.  This morning she seems to be doing better, but they have been running several tests to ensure it is not any other underlying issue.

Mom just finished her first round of radiation and chemo last Friday.  We have been having some trouble getting her to eat while in treatment and now that she is done, it seems even harder to get her to eat anything.  We had the doctor prescribe and appetite stimulant and they gave her Marinol.  Marinol seemed to just make her loopy and never seemed to increase her appetite. Not sure if this is a side effect from her radiation, the Gemzar or that Marinol, but for the last few days she has had trouble forming complete thoughts and staying on topic.  We will be talking and I have no idea what she is talking about.  This has been really scary and I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this themselves or with someone they are caring for.  I am also wondering if it is due to her low food intake as well.  Any thoughts you can provide are greatly appreciated.


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Thank you all for your responses.  My mom is currently taking a nausea medicication but no appetite stimulant.  She has been having trouble keeping some things down lately, but she really seems to enjoy fruits, fruit juices, Pellegrino water, yogurt and milk.  Having trouble getting a lot of protein in her, but we are working on it.  We have started trying Carnation Instant Breakfast (since Ensure and Boost do not set well on her stomach), and that has been working so far.  Definately been tough on her and an emotional roller coaster for all of us.

We are all keeping the positive thoughts flowing and the information and inspirational stories on these message boards have really been helping!

Thank you all for the great recommendations.  We just bought some Carnation Instant Breakfast yesterday and I am hoping that does the trick.  We are also going to try some smoothie combinations.  Thanks again!

I apologize if this is not the right forum, but I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for Oncologists in Phoenix, AZ area.

Hi - I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.  We have been giving my mom Ensure and Boost to try to supplement the calories/nutrients she is not getting from food as her appetite is very small.  These are now upsetting her stomach and not staying down.  Any other recommendations?


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Hi All - my mom was diagnosed with bile duct cancer as well as cancer in the lower left lobe of her liver the the week before Thanksgiving.  It took quite a while for her to be diaganosed and in the process she went from 220lbs to 150lbs.  Due to the size of the tumor, they have opted to start with chemo (Gemzar) and high dose radiation to try to shrink it first and then re-evaluate again in February to see if they are able to do surgery.  We are all praying that she is able to have the surgery.  In the meantime, we are struggling to get her weight up as she has continued to lose weight due to loss of appetite and nasea.