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Gavin,  Hugs back to you and your mum, our Scottish friend! I am having a good day today, I find the lead up worst than the day. Tamia and I are just preparing to hike up the mountain to visit Doug (he is still keeping me active, but I could never keep up to him!) Of course my Maggie dog is coming too. She still makes it up there at 13, which is 91 in our years, so that inspires me too! Wishing you peace and love this Christmas and alway. Nancy

Dearest Lainy,  I always feel that Teddy has never really left thanks to his visits and your wonderful memories that you share. Sending you lots of love this Christmas and wishes for the best of health for you. Hugs. Nancy


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Today as we celebrate Christmas, whether one is religious or not, I think we all agree that at Christmas we are reminded there is nothing more important than love and hope. So I send to all of you today my love and my hope for a world where one day disease will be no more and peace will reside in all the corners of the earth. Nancy


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Merry Christmas to you Pam and Lauren and your beautiful family! As Tiny Tim said "God bless us, every one!"
Hugs. Nancy


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Merry Christmas to you Ginger and Gerardo! Hugs. Nancy

Hello to Jeff's Mom and Dad and to Jeff,   I, like others, was saddened to hear that Jeff was not able to get a resection. On a positive note we have so many on the board now living well, and way beyond expectation without resections. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and peace and love for the New Year. Hugs. Nancy


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Let's Live,  By your name I know you approach this disease with the best attitude! Have a Merry Christmas. Hugs. Nancy


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Merry Christmas Randi! Yes, today as we are surrounded by love we remember with some sadness but mostly gladness our loved ones who have gone before. Hugs. Nancy

Hi Bob and Nancy,  So sorry to hear about the turn of events for Jeff. I would think that they will look at another chemo combination. Cisplatin and Gemcitabine seem to be the most popular. Jeff sounds amazing, getting himself to work everyday. If attitude was a cure he would be long cured, but it certainly helps to appreciate life so well. Sending lots of well wishes to Jeff and you two. Hugs. Nancy

Alla, I can look a long way back and I was that teenager losing my dad. I could not talk to my mom about it either, maybe because I was afraid of causing her more pain. My friends were a distraction but it was my first big loss and it took time before I felt normal again. My children lost their father 14 months ago. My son is now 30 and my daughters are now 28 and 26. Both of my girls talk to me about my husband/their dad regularly but my son does not. Guys really do seem to grief different than girls. I belong to a grief group. I am the only widow and all the other ladies are mothers who have lost children ranging from 18 - 25.  No men come, although they have been invited since day one.
There is a natural depression after a death and your son is probably finding it hard to be motivated about school. I know when I lost my dad I went through a lot of soul searching about "What is life really about?" 
I work at a high school and have worked with students who have suffered great losses. It is important for your son to have at least 2 people at the school checking in on him, to show they care and so he knows that there is someone there for him if he wants. This is as simply as asking how his day is going and does he need any help with his school work. You can also talk to one of his friends dad that you know well about getting them out to go fishing or something - just with the guys.
It is not an easy road you are on but it sounds like you are doing the best that can be expected. Hugs. Nancy


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Dear Alla, Glad you are getting "visits", they are comforting. Also I am so glad to hear you are getting the support you need on the board here.
The roller coaster, I'm afraid, lasts for awhile but sounds like you're hanging on pretty good. Sending positive thoughts to you and your family to help you through this most difficult of times. Hugs. Nancy

Mary, I echo all that you said so beautifully. I am so glad to hear your looking forward to the future. Hopefully that knee will catch up to you soon! Hugs. Nancy


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Hi Lynn,  My husband suffered from confusion due to hepatic encephalitis (due to the liver failing causing high levels of ammonia). Lactulose helped him until near the end. Let his doctor know about the episodes of confusion. They can check George's ammonia levels by a blood test to see if lactulose could help him. It is tough to see them confused, breaks your heart. Sending positive thoughts that George will be able to get his chemo this week. Hugs. Nancy


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Hi Tiff,  Ditto with all the waves of positive thoughts and prayers. Glad you are feeling well. Is the "not eating good" because you don't feel like eating or when you eat you feel nauseous? Have you tried juicing or protein shakes? Lots of hugs and love to you and your family. Nancy

Nikki,  Your dad is in the hands of the best of the best! Sending postive thoughts for a great result with the chemo. Keep us posted. smile Nancy


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Darla, It is a comfort having you and our other kindred spirits following this path together. smile Nancy


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Thanks Lainy.  After Doug passed I had a heart pendant made in Doug's memory that I wear everyday, so no room for the rings there right now but it is a good suggestion. Had our first snowfall tonight; if I wasn't still working might be a snowbird. How is Arizona? smile Nancy


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Dear mn,  Thinking of you as you pass the year milestone. I passed the year of losing my husband in September. I am finally starting to dream of him well instead of sick. It is much more comforting.
Just wanted to say I lost my dear mom over 13 years ago but she hasn't left me. In fact there are days I look in the mirror and see her vividly - lol!
As we approach Remembrance Day we reflect on memory and it has been said to live on in those that we leave behind is not to die. I am sure our mothers live on in us. Wishing you comfort as you move forward through the next year. Nancy

Linda,  Sounds like you are on the right track, keeping updated with this disease and being such a strong support and advocate for your husband. Haven't heard about the new pancreatic drug but will be sure to read about it. I truly believe that one day one of these promising treatments will be the cure. Sorry, can't offer any other suggestions except healthy eating and exercise. Hugs. Nancy


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Alla,  I have thought about your post a lot and after a year I would think I would know what to say but I don't. You are right in saying that it is harder than imagined. I honestly do not remember much of the first few months. I continually challenge myself to enjoy life, be thankful for what I have and had, and take a day at a time. I take comfort in knowing Doug will be a part of me forever and I am a better person because of him. I try to find laughter in each day and try not to feel sorry for myself. It is a roller coaster ride and times when you think you are doing well, bam! The intensity and rawness do diminish though, and you put your grief in a different place and you start to live again. It seems at first you can not feel real joy, but one day you feel it again and you are thankful and you know your dear husband is right there cheering you on, for he does not want you to remain sad. I continue to talk about my husband (and to him as well- lol) because he was a huge part of mine and my children's lives. I wish there was a magic potion but it does get easier with time. Your beautiful children will help you through. Hugs. Nancy


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Hi Alla, I lost my husband on Sept. 14th, 2011. In December I broke my left arm and had to remove my rings due to swelling. Months later they still would not fit on my fingers so I had them made bigger this summer because I missed them so much. My physiotherapist said my fingers would eventually go back to their original size but I gave up! Maybe one day I will switch them to my right, who knows, but then I would have to have them made bigger again! Like Darla said above just do what feels right. We're in unchartered territory with no rules! Hugs. Nancy

Oh my, Scotland definitely on my list now! smile

Hi SRP,  Just thought I would introduce myself and offer some support.  Becky's nausea can be caused by high bilirubin. Getting bilirubin down can be hard . Has your doctor offered any medications for this? Unfortunately it comes with the disease since high levels of bilirubin is caused by bile not being able to pass through the liver. Keep her well hydrated and try fruit smoothies (my husband loved them - I would add protein powder to them to boost his energy).
I believe her attitude is not all that unusual when it comes to cc. Have her ammonia levels checked. High ammonia levels can cause confusion and odd behaviours. Lactulose can help with this.
Wishing you and your sister all the best; I know the hard road you travel.

Congratulations to Stacie and Percy! Thank you for all that you do!


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Lainy, I love that poem of yours; it rings so true. I looked at the pictures, they were beautiful. So hard to believe it was just days before Teddy's passing. Our boys were so brave.
How am I doing? Like you say "okay". I am actually at a down point right now. Just trying to figure out my path in life now that it has changed direction. My kids and friends are my godsent, keeping me busy and laughing. Starting to look a little farther in the future and wondering where it may lead and what I should do about it! The hole in my heart is still aching but I am grateful for what I had, which many never experience.
Catching me on a bad day; tomorrow will be brighter. Thanks for thinking of us "New Normals". We certainly can't be called "Near Normals" - lol! With much affinity. Nancy