I have had cc for 5yrs, 5 months .It has never gone away. It has grown very slowly . I have numerous lesions throughout my peritoneal cavity. I started with a liver resection and several more surgeries removing ovaries, gallbladder etc. I have tried every chemo, I dont tolerate it very well. The sorafenib has been keeping it at bay for the past year or so. It grows a little , then shrinks a little. I have been having alot of abdominal pain, lower back and upper legs too.I thank God for giving me this time because I was told in the beginning that my lifespan could be a year. I am grateful for the time God has given me, but I am tired. My daughter is only 14 and I need to be there when she graduates. When I heard a couple of you were alive for 15 plus years, i was astounded. Thanks for the confidence building news.