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I tried to email you. I hope you got it. I have some reccommendations for you. A doctor at Baylor is recruiting for a trial. H especialized iin gi tract cancer. Let me knowif you got the info.....if not i will post here if it is OK. I don't think you can do that on the other boards. Good luck.


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I am so sorry to read this story. It sounds as if he was young and full of life. I will be thinking of you.


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Mybro's Sis--

My father is also stage 4. He was just on gemcitabine with xeloda. It did not affect the tumor at all. In fact it grew. The first time he was on chemo, he had CPT-11, Xeloda, and Epirubison. That put him in remission for a year.
I do know a lady who is on Gemcitabine with oxyplatin and is having success. I think it needs to be a combo thing. I understand you have health care issues there, but you might at least ask for them to combine with something.  Good luck.


I am sorry that you are having this happen with your mother. I am in the same place as you. What I have read is that the ascites puts pressure on the lungs and that causes the cough. It is so difficult to see them throw up all the time. If it were just one symptom or another it would be more tolerable, but it is so many all alt once. I hope you have peace and that your mother doesn't suffer.

UKMember -- I know this is an older post, but the hiccups thing is common in the end. If others are interested there are posts about it on the Johns Hopkins Board.


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Thank you. I did read your posts and I think I followed it correctly. For some reason, the dates throw me. I get mixed up with the european way of dating things and think I am reading things wrong. I appreciate your response. We are now on 600 calorie shakes and trying to keep going. He won't do the feeding tube.
Hopefully, he will sustain and the chemo will kick in.
Thank you so much.


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Yes Hi Jules,
Hope your dad is doing well....I just thought maybe there would be some new voices over here with different experiences. It seems to be fairly slow.

My dad is losing weight rapidly and they mentioned cachexia. I am somewhat afraid and hope it doesn't mean an irreversible downslide. I would love someone with experience to let me know......

Take care Jules! :-)


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Question here, I have questions about cachexia. Can anyone help?


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My dad was dx with cholangiocarcinoma in October of 2003. He was unresectable due to involvement of the hepatic artery and portal vein. They removed gallbladder and local lymph nodes.

Within a month he was put on a chemo regimen of Epirubison, CPT-11, and Xeloda. He was told 8 months later that he was in "clinical remission" and that there was no sign of cancer in his body.  Another year passed and he went in to get a follow up PET Scan. He had a new tumor, not metastatic, but due to "spillage during surgery". This tumor was treated with Xeloda and localized radiation. Further testing reveals this tumor responded to treatment and the original tumor is still not active.

Hope this helps.

My dad always takes Kytril.