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Has anyone heard of Kanglaite or better yet had experience with the medicine?  I have heard of some success with the drug but wasn't sure if its just another scam?  Any feedback would be appreciated

My mom (61 years) has CC with local and distant mets ( lymph nodes, liver, lungs, gall bladder, and maybe pancreas).  We were made aware of this in June 2010 and since then my mom's had  2 ERCP's, followed by pancreatitis each time.  She now has a metal stent which is functioning well so far.

Shez been on Gem/Cis, which was interrupted because of infections,  but has now completed her first treatment of 6 sessions.  The treatment has stunned the growth so far and my mom felt better during the latter half of chemo with good apetite.

However, since the beginning of 2011 and since chemo has stopped my mom has not had any apetite.  She is experiencing severe Abdominal and back pain.  Pain killers are not helping her situation and she has tried quiet a few of them.  Her oncologist referred her to a panel of doctors at Princess Margaret who will suggest next steps in terms of experimental trials.  However, they will not suggest any till her pain in under control.

She has not eaten in 2 months and her pain is worse every day.  Shez stopped talking because it hurts to do even that.  I would do anything to take the pain away, but her oncologist and family doctor have not been able to pinpoint the reason, nor offer an effective solution.  We thought of putting her through Gem/cis again for the pain, but her oncologist does not think it will be a good idea.

Has anyone experienced this severe pain?  What does this mean?  Is her cancer growing?  Is the clock ticking for her?  What could this be?  IS it gas?  All these questions haunt me, and I am hoping for answers from anyone out there desperately.


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HI Janecw,  My mom seems to be experiencing similar symptoms and we can't figure out the reason for her pain.  She feels bloated all the time and has pain in her chest, stomach and back.  It seems to start all at once and then with pain killers stops.  She has been to her doctor but they don't have a solution for her.  We are so frustrated to see her this way.  Other than general painkillers she is not taking anything else. 

You mentioned something about the progression of your sisters cancer?  Would you mind sharing, just in case it is similar to my moms?

Good luck and please post any progress you have come across.