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Hi Jason - Just thought I would pop in and see how your mom is doing these days?  Hoping all is well and she is well on the recovery road.  Wishing you the best and all the blessing for this holiday season!  Val

So sorry to hear of your loss - prayng for you and your family


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Thank you so much for the info and inspiration - this site is great and all of you - as you know any little thing sets off the worry smile  Thank you again smile

Hi - I just got back from Mayo Clinic - where I had an MRI to recheck some "suspicious" tissue that showed up on my last MRI after surgery back in November.  My blood work has always been excellent.  There has been no change in the suspicious tissue so we will continue to watch - however - they said my billi rubin is slightly elevated - should I be concerned of this?  Any info would be great!!

Thank you
Val Timm

I felt nausaus for quite some time and itchy - the itching was attributed to medication - then also finally had an ultrasound done of my gall bladder.  The doctor said it looked like there was "sludge" in my gall bladder but no stones and I went on my way. .... proceeded to be nausaus constantly so went back in many months later - they did another ultrasound - said there may be some small stones and oh yeah - looks to be a cyst in your liver - but that's common -we can refer or just watch - I had them refer me to a surgeon I had been to previously - after looking at my ultrasounds and also looking at an old MRI of my back - the surgeon came in with pictures and announced that yes my gall bladder should probly come out - but his main concern was the "common" cyst in my liver as in looking at the old scans it appeared it had been there for quite some time ..... his quote "if you were my daughter I would send you to Mayo so that is what we will do"  Thanks be to God for him as he saved my life with that referral.  Other than that I had nothing that would indicate a problem - my enzymes and all liver function tests were normal even when I got to Mayo I at first  got the impression that I was going to be sent home - but after a full day of testing they decided we needed to go in and find out what this was.  A resection specialist did the surgery the next day and called my husband half way through to tell him it was cancer ......


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Hi Jason - I went to Dr Kay Reid Lombardio at Mayo in Rochester - I also was diagnosed with Intrahepetic Cholangiocarcinoma - my tumor was sitting right on top of both main arteries in the liver - Dr Kay was fantastic - it was a very delicate surgery trying to get around the arteries - She ended up cutting my liver in half - removing 50% and left both arteries in tact - I would recommend you check into Mayo - they may be able to help your mom.  Best wishes to you and keep us all informed on how things go!  Val

I recently had my appts at Mayo in Rochester - they did another MRI, blood work and I met with my oncologist.  I am sharing this will all of you to provide hope and faith that great things do happen!  My blood work was all normal, my margins were all clean, there is no sign of reoccurance other than some suspicious tissue which they are 99% positive is simply scar tissue from the surgery.  In my mind - I call that a cure and a miracle at that keep the faith, hope and prayers going and I hope there are many many more success stories posted on this page!

Thank you so much for the input - the pain is not at the incision but in the general area - really just achy pain like a toothache which of course makes my mind run to the worse.  Shari - Tomorrow I actually get to go to Vegas for work until mid next week - would next weekend work?  thinking maybe some sunshine will help - ha .... again thank you all for the advice I think next week if still persisting I will call my doctor rather than wait for mid May.

Hello - I have been post Op for 5 months now.  They removed a tumor that sat on top of the two main blood vessels - removing 50% of my liver and cutting it in half.  I was very fortunate and did not need any chemo etc... I go back again in May for MRI.  I am really struggling with still being in pain and don't undertand why. Is this common?  I do have 2 bulging discs in my back with some arthritis but prior to my surgery it did not bother me daily like this.  They say not to take Ibuprofen, aspirin or Tylenol with liver issues so whats left?  Looking for some suggestions - Thanks much!  Val

Hello all - prior to being diagnosed with cancer I had notices some very small pea size lumps on my outer upper arm - never really thought much about it as I believe that lymph nodes are located under arm?  This weekend I noticed that one of them has gone from Pea size to a small grape size - has anyone experienced this?  Is it something that should be checked?  Thanks much!


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Thank you everyone for the wonderful welcome - how touching to have so many kind and encouraging responses!  ShariMay I would love to meet you in person some time if you are up for it!  Maybe lunch or something - it does sound like our stories are very similar.  I am wondering did you have your surgery in Mayo?  Is your oncologist there too?  Also what made them decide to do chemo?  My tissue around the tumor was negative so that is why they opted not to do chemo but it sounds that yours was too so I am curious.  The surgeon I had thought they would do chemo but the oncologist said no.  Anxious to hear from you and everyone else!  Thanks again!  Val


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Thank you so much Sharimay!  I look forward to this.  A friend of mine gave me this site said there was someone from Bismarck I am so happy to find you!


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Hello All - My name is Valarie from Bismarck ND and I was diagnosed on November 19 of this year.  I had surgery that day and they removed 1/2 my liver cutting it in two pieces.  The tumor was incapsulated and they opted not to do chemo at this time.  Just looking to meet new people and share stories.  Not a day goes by that I don't wonder what is going on in my body but I am keeping positive.  Sounds like this is one of the worse cancers we could have come up with.  Looking forward to visiting with you....