Greetings has been a while since I have written....but wanted to write to see if anyone else is having this therapy.
After not getting anywhere with the chemo I was getting in Wisconsin (white cells always down and treatments fact I have only had 6 chemo visits to date and was diagnosed Sept. 24th, 2012) or the  oncologist at home who wanted to  just  throw more chemo when obviously my body can not handle it... and a CAT scan and PET scan showing more liver tumors, I decided to go to MD Anderson in Houston.  Actually I started in Orlando because we were visiting in Florida, and ended up in Orlando Regional Hospital for 5 days with an infection of ecoli and kleblicella sp? and then on iv antibiotics for 2 weeks but the dr. there quickly referred me to Houston.  That place is something else....never saw so many smart people in one place!!
We saw Dr. Subbiah and they had reviewed all my records and scans ahead of time.  His first choice is to do this hepatic infusion along with oxialiplatin and capecitabine and bevacizumab.  It is done inpatient via catheter into my groin. This doctor is in the Clinical Center for Targeted Therapy.  He also said that if I do not have at least 20 % improvement after 3 treatments, I will be switched to possibly targeted therapy....the one where you get your mouth swabbed and a biopsy and they try to match up that with your genes to get the cancer killed. 
I see there are more treatments to try....and I will keep trying. 
Anyone else going to MD???  What are they doing for you?
Thank you for the time...sorry this got so long....
God bless all of us.......

Yes, I am being treated at Froedtert Medical college/hospital.  good people. Any hints on the "pins in the fingers" ?  It is awful and this is my first treatment.  Gloves actually don't help....I tried go.....even the countertops hurt.Thank you everyone!!  p.s.  made some oatmeal this am....went down great.

Good morning everyone.  Can't thank you enough for responding with your personal stories with this awful disease.
Just had first dose of Oxaliplatin and at home 5FU for 48 hours.  Wow......never thought the cold would be this painful and much of the time I am using a glass that is at room temperature.  My fingers and throat tell me if it is not at least a bit warm.  Cottage cheese this morning warmed did not go down so well  smile
Had to find something funny about now.
Everyone has been so hopeful and so was I, but I am a little shakey right now.  Hope this blows over....I am so weepy...and I think so shocked. It seems it is almost like playing Wack-A- Mole.  They  might get the tumors to shrink one place only to have them pop up in another.  My oncologist refused from the start to give a stage to my case....said he does not agree with doing that altho I am sure it is in my records.  My stage must be 5,6,7 ??  Maybe I don't want to know every detail.  He never gives survival months and said we will just keep plugging along until we find the right mix, changing as often as we need to.
Should I keep posting in this area, or move to another area of the discussion board? 
God bless you all.........

Outside the liver I believe.  I should have the dr. draw me a picture again but the tumor shut down the duct so I had to have the stent put in.  Last picture I saw, I believe it was outside of the liver.  But all is so close..

Greetings to you all....I was diagnosed with biliary duct  cancer end of September. My son in law found your web site for me and I have checked it now and again.  By early Nov., I started on the chemo of gimp/cicplatin (sp).  Just had follow up Ct and Pet scan with awful results.....I had one spot on my liver and now I have a bunch.  I now have 2 tiny spots in the lower lobes of my lung. The chemo did nothing.Dr. did say that it only works 1/3 of the time.  Is this true??  Because it seems most people are on that combination  Dr. said the past CT and Pet scan probably could not see these new little ones. So now it is on to 5FU and Oxaliplatin....once every two weeks....with the 5FU in a take home pump for 48 hours.  This starts tomorrow. I was devastated....and scared and everything you can think of.  I am 66 and in very good major illness at all....just perking along and now this.  Anyway this is what the oncologist is offering me now  for the next 2 months and then another  set of scans.  Meanwhile, the oncologist is working something out so I can get the chemo in Florida.  Which leads me to this.....I got an appointment at MD Anderson in Orlando with a liver specialist to see if there is anything else to do.  Is there anyone out there who has been to MD Anderson in Orlando?  I appreciate any info anyone has.  God bless.........

I noticed you put your Dad had CC 15 years ago.  How was he treated then that he was able to keep it away for so long?