Hi - I'm new to this site. My 65 yr old mother was diagnosed with CC end of September, 2010. After couple weeks of complications, she underwent successful removal of bile duct tumor (obstruction) November 10th, with noted abscesses in liver (which were initially thought to be infection and treated with antibiotic therapy).  However, oncologist confirmed end December cancer cells - metastatic disease of liver. Yet, no tumors of the liver are currently visible by the "naked eye"/scans.   Chemo is  being recommended using gemcitabine and cisplatin for a 6 wk cycle = 18wks of tx  (2wks chemo tx, 1wk off).   

After much research, reading (ie.,The China Study, J. Ratey's SPARK, Servan-Schrieber's Anti-Cancer, Richard Beliveau's Foods that Fight Cancer, Kris Carr's CrazySexyCancer, cancer studies/clinical trial findings), discussing and meeting with doctor friends and docs using traditional medical model, there still remains uncertainty as to the efficacy of these chemo drugs in treating specifically CC despite it's use in stnd, 1st line tx (have been quoted efficacy rates of 30%). 
As such, wonder about trying alternative routes first before putting undue stress on the body, wiping out one's entire immune system and increasing risks due to chemo.  We have met with an integrative medical doctor (seekerscentre.com) who combines traditional and alternative txs to discuss options.  So my real question is the following...
Question:  Wonder if anyone is choosing or has used only alternative treatment approaches to treat this disease? I am interested in learning of your experiences....
BTW- To date, my mum (who is also a 45yr type 1 diabetic) has made remarkable recovery from surgery, is incredibly positive and fit - attending weekly exercise programs, enjoying feeling and looking great:) 
Thank you to all for sharing your stories of hope and inspiration!