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Hi Everyone,

I posted awhile back about my Dad regarding some other options of chemotherapy. Well I am sad to say that he passed away last tuesday.  He had just undergone some radiation treatment and due to the bloating, he wasn't eating or drinking. I think the poisons in his body took him from us. 
I have never underwent something so hard in my life! The good side is he had endured this cancer for over 2 years with his positive attitude and his will to live. I just want to convey my thanks to everyone for all the posts that I have read that have helped me and him get ideas for his doctor to try.
For everyone enduring this, keep positive and never give up. Dad didn't, and he bet the odds! His doctor said he was the poster cancer patient.

Thanks again,

Hi Serena,

I found your entry quite interesting as my Dad is in the same position as your grandmother.
He also has bile duct cancer, which has spread more recently to his abdomen and possibly lymph nodes as well.  The doctor also told him that his only option is pallative care. So I am looking for alternative methods of treatment as well.
I have been reading about Neem leaves since I read your entry. There seems to be quite a massive amount of information regarding this treatment on the internet. I came across this site:


The lady there is quite forthcoming with answers to any questions I had. She indicated that her father had gallbladder cancer and that taking these neem leaves in combination with chemo totally erradicated his tumours.  So that is quite impressive. I told her about my Dad's situation and she indicated I should purchase the Supercritical neem capsules for my Dad. It may not erradicate his cancer but it may slow it down so that he gets more time with us.  I think I am going to purchase the capsules and see how it goes.  I will let you know how he does with it.



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Hi Everyone,

My Dad was diagnosed with this cancer in his liver two years ago.  It started on his bile duct and has since spread to 3 other places on his liver. He has been through numerous rounds of chemotherapy, and so far none have worked for an extended period.  His body has become immune to the therapy and the cancer cells have become active once again.
He just went through a 15 day session of radiation on the smaller tumours. However he has one larger tumour that he needs chemotherapy to kill off.  These are the drugs he has been on so far:

First set:  Gemcitobine
5 FU
Folinic Acid

Second set:  xeloda and cisplatin

Third Set: taxotera

I was wondering if maybe someone had some suggestions as to a drug they have been on that might work for my father? I would be open to any suggestions! I have been doing some of my own research and will be in touch with his doctor to let him know my findings.  Thank you!