Also forgot to mention we have had 3 oncologists tell us that Gabriel's prognosis is so poor that they believe if they tried to treat Gabriel with chemo and radiation, they feel it would hasten his death.

I have a friend at my work who has a cousin who is a liver doctor at the Mayo Clinic.  He along with some colleagues reviewed some of Gabe's latest records and scans.  What this dr came back with is they believe Gabriel has multiple peripheral metastases in the liver.  I am not too sure what that means exactly.  We go see the oncologist on Wednesday, so I plan to ask that.  If anyone may know anything about that, please let me know.  Thanks for all the responses, it is muchly appreciated!

Also any suggestions on how to lower the bilirubin level?  He has tubes that drain the bile, but from time to time, the dr.'s will tell him to cap the drains.  Not sure what that means or if that is helping him any?  He has an appt this monday to get his tubes changed, so we will ask more questions.  But we appreciate any suggestions.

My brother Gabriel, who is only 23 years old, got diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma about 2 months ago.  He was awaiting a liver transplant for over a year due to some liver problems in his bile duct.  We were being seen at the University of CO hospital where he was eventually going to get the transplant. Now that he has the cancer he is no longer a candidate for the transplant.  The problem now is he is loosing weight, currently 105 lbs, and his liver is getting worse.  His bilirubin is at a 21.  All the hospitals we have called won't take him cause he is too sick and his bilirubin is too high.  I need to know if there is anyone out there that can help him.  He is so young and we need someone's help.  I appreciate anyone that has any information.