Hey all,

My uncle has recently been diagnosed with CC. His tumor was inoperable so now he's in line for chemo/radiation with hopefully a liver transplant in the future. I know this is a relatively new treatment, but I don't know much about the process. I wanted to join this board both to get some information about this disease and to have a support system who can relate to what we're going through. My uncle and I are very close and this is hard on me, but I have hope. From what I've been reading, they've made real progress with this cancer. My uncle is one of the greatest people I know. His attitude about this has been very positive, even when the news hasn't always been. He's in good health and we think he's a lock to get on the transplant list, but I know this still takes time, and it's time that scares me. I'm a 2nd year medical student so I know some of how cancer invades. I know that lymphatic spread is common with carcinomas and I worry that the time he has to wait for the transplant may allow enough time for the cancer to metastasize and really cause some problems. I was just wondering if anyone else has been through this specific type of treatment, and how everything has worked out so far?

Thank you all so much for your help, and please keep Kent in your prayers.