Dear Stefanie,
I'm sorry to hear your BF has been diagnosed with cc. Go for second opinions. My mum was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago. The first doctor simply told us that she was in a terminal stage and wouldn't last 4 months. We got so angry at that. We went for a second opinion. My mum had surgery on July 1st. A large part of her liver was removed as was the bile duct and gallbladder. The first 5 days after surgery were gruesome. But now she is doing so much better. Her appetite is back, she looks so much better because before the procedure she was severly jaundiced. All the yellow is gone from her complexion. I have an appointment with her doctor tomorrow to find out what her status is right now. She's been in hospital for 6 weeks now and next monday she'll be able to go home.
You should check out the following procedures if resection is not an option for your friend and also if it is. LDN (lowdosenaltrexone), AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound). LDN sounds promissing and I'm going to talk about this treatment with my mum's doctor. Don't give up and don't give in. Doctors give so little information it leaves you at a total loss. Don't accept that. Ask questions and show them that you care and that you will fight, no matter what.
Try to find out what the bilirubin levels are in your friends blood. If they are still normal they should be around 0,3 to 1,9 mg/dl. That means the liver can still deliver bile to the intestines without being interrupted.
Also ask for tumor markers in his blood.

I'll be thinking of you. Keep the faith, don't ever give up hope.